December 9, 2014

The Key To Rebranding Cannabis Is More Soccer Mom And Less Bob Marley

Fast Company
Despite the recent dramatic changes in the world of marijuana—hello, THC-infused lemonade legally sold in L.A. dispensaries—there is one holdover from the past that won’t go away. Ask most people who is using and profiting off the cannabis industry and they’ll describe a Harold and Kumar-type or Bob Marley-wannabe. Regardless of what studies, polls, and legislators say, many resist the notion that soccer moms are lighting up in large numbers or that the industry—from dispensaries to hemp home accessories—is in the hands of a growing group of savvy entrepreneurs. Enter Jennifer Mannix and Olivia DeFalco, two twenty-somethings who, in their heels and sheath dresses, seem decidedly more Condé Nast than Cheech and Chong. And with their full-service branding company Cannabrand, they are introducing the world to the modern cannabis entrepreneur.

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