December 21, 2014

McSherrystown councilman asks for approval of industrial hemp resolution

The Evening Sun
McSherrystown Borough is one of the many Adams County municipalities that is being asked to adopt a proposed resolution in support of industrial hemp cultivation, said Councilman David "Scotty" Bolton, but it is important that it gets the support of his local peers.

"That's my baby," Bolton told council at the borough's December meeting. "I wrote this resolution and I gave a lengthy presentation on it at the borough's association meeting." Bolton is the vice-president of the Adams County Borough's Association where the first draft of the resolution was heard.

There is a long history of hemp cultivation in the United States that is not associated with marijuana use, said Bolton. There are 25,000 different products that can be made with industrial hemp, alleged Bolton, including that "hemp could produce a fuel that would rival petroleum."

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