October 27, 2015

Market demand for Canadian hemp exceeding supply

Commodity News Service Canada thru AG Canada.com
“You talk about canola being the miracle crop? Well, hemp has even more uses,” 

May 26, 2015

Totally Hemp Crazy, Inc. Announces Four New Distributors Have Joined the Rocky Mountain High Team

Market Wired
Totally Hemp Crazy, Inc. (OTC PINK: THCZ) announced today that four new distributors have joined the Rocky Mountain High hemp-infused beverage distribution team:
Mad Beez LLC (Minnesota), Hemp Global Products Inc (Michigan), The Epic Group (Indiana), 4orth Enterprises (Texas)
Totally Hemp Crazy Distributors

Industrial hemp documentary to be shown at the Cazenovia Public Library

Cazenovia Republican
To celebrate National Hemp History Week, all are invited to the Cazenovia Public Library community room at 7 p.m. Wednesday, June 3, for a screening of “Bringing It Home,” an industrial hemp documentary that has sparked action on farming legalization and policy reform.
National Hemp History Week

Celebrate Hemp History Week

Find out more by joining us,  the Colorado Hemp Education Association, on Monday, June 1, 5:30 p.m. at the Carbondale Library to kick off Hemp History Week with a premiere showing of Steve Saylor’s mini hemp documentary, followed by a short discussion. A $5 donation is appreciated. Hemp goodies served.
Hemp History Week 2015

If we're growing pot, why not grow hemp?

Current Argus
Gov. Susana Martinez is apparently okay with tripling the state's medical marijuana harvest but adamantly opposed to growing hemp. Why?
hemp legalization New Mexico

Win a Body Shop hamper

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Hemp is one of the most nourishing natural ingredients for the skin. It makes Body Shop’s iconic hemp hand cream the go-to solution for heavy-duty hydration, reviving and defending the skin against the harshest conditions. The Body Shop Hemp hamper includes a 150g soap-on-a-rope, 100ml hand protector, 100ml intensive hand butter, 50ml face protector, lip protector, 100ml foot protector and 200ml body butter.

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Body Shop Hemp Hamper

Hemp support advances in North Carolina


The Raleigh Hemp Society made a significant step in March when the Student Senate passed the Hemp Growth and Research Act. With this bill in hand, the RHS now has leverage that it can use to show NC State administrators that the students have recognized the benefits of hemp. 

The bill asks that NC State begin the process of registering with the NC Department of Agriculture to join the 19 other states (reporting on exact numbers varies) that have legalized hemp production for research in pilot programs under Section 7606 of the 2014 Farm Bill.
Raleigh Hemp Society

Nevada Lawmakers Unanimously Approve Hemp Bill

The Daily Chronic
Lawmakers in Nevada have unanimously passed a bill to authorize hemp cultivation, sending the bill to Republican Governor Brian Sandoval for final approval.
Nevada hemp legalization

May 20, 2015

Hemp: Beloved George Washington Would Be Serving Time

Sacramento Today
On June 7th at 1:00pm, the California Grange  and Hempstead Project Heart will celebrate the 6th annual Hemp History Week with a screening of the award winning documentary film Bringing It Home at the Grange Performing Arts Center located at 3823 V Street, Sacramento.

The public is invited and admission is free. Before the film will be a hemp clothing fashion show hosted by EnviroTextiles, a world leader in hemp textiles. A question and answer session will follow, featuring advocates for the legalization of industrial hemp. The Hemp Hut will be set-up for hands-on-hemp education, plus local hemp businesses and organizations tabling and vending fine hemp products.

Hemp History Week

Kentucky’s 2015 Hemp Crop to Exceed 1,700 Acres; Up from 33 Acres in 2014

The Daily Chronic
At a news conference Tuesday, state Agriculture Commissioner James Comer announced that 121 participants have been selected to grow hemp in Kentucky this year, including seven universities across the state. There are 36 groups and projects that will grow 1,742 acres this year, Cormer said.
Kentucky hemp crop

Hemp industry brings jobs to La Junta

LA JUNTA Tribune-Democrat
On Tuesday, April 21, Whole Hemp Company announced that it is going to expand its operation to La Junta, Colorado, where it will be converting an empty building into a grow center and processing/production facility. "This building has been empty for 12 years, and having Whole Hemp Company repurpose it is a great step toward revitalizing the community," said Mayor Lynn Horner. Otero County Commissioner Jim Baldwin added, "We are looking forward to having the Whole Hemp Company in Otero County. They will be bringing jobs, using our farm land and potentially bringing other businesses."
hemp jobs in La Junta Colorado

Colorado-grown hemp to be used as insulation material in new venture

The Denver Post
Colorado's nascent hemp industry may get a boost from a grower's plan to use hemp stalks for insulation. Baca County farmer Ryan Loflin said Monday he has formed a partnership with Hollis, Okla.-based Western Fibers for combining processed hemp stalks with recycled newspapers and cardboard to create wall and ceiling insulation.
hemp fiber insulation

OmniCanna (ENDO) Today Launches www.TheHempery.com "Specialized Hemp Based Health and Wellness" Online Store

WKRG News5
OmniCanna Health Solutions, Inc. (OTC: ENDO), a U.S. Company specializing in hemp formulation-based health and wellness solutions, is pleased to announce the launch of www.TheHempery.com and the online store is open for business available for product purchases as of today.
OmniCanna Health Solutions hemp wellness products

May 13, 2015

Hemp farmers threaten to sue after plants’ seizure (Updated)

Cyprus Mail
“The plants were out in the open and the farmer bought certified hemp seeds from France,” said the source, pointing out that hemp cultivation in EU is not only legal but also subsidised.
hemp farming Cyprus

Low CO2 Footprint Houses

For a long time, researchers have been trying to use agricultural byproducts to build affordable and marketable homes with a low CO2 footprint. Recently, developers in Britain have started offering houses made with bales of straw, while houses constructed with hemp may soon follow. VOA’s George Putic has more. 
hemp building

Pennsylvania Hemp Advocates to Host Lancaster Rally on Saturday

The Daily Chronic
Hundreds of advocates for  medical cannabis and industrial hemp are expected to show up on Penn Square on Saturday, May 16th for the Lancaster Hemp Freedom Rally. The event will kick off a statewide education and awareness tour.

The rally is being organized by Keystone Cannabis Coalition, a group with roots in Lancaster that fights for local and statewide marijuana and hemp reform.
Lancaster Hemp Freedom Rally

Hemp, Inc. Sponsors New Earth Expo’s Upcoming Holistic Living Expo in Sacremento, CA

Yahoo! Finance
"As one of New Earth Events’ sponsors, Hemp, Inc. has been able to showcase and sell our products to a wide range of cultural creatives, creating revenue for the company.  Our venture with New Earth Events helps us continue our commitment to environmentalism and personal empowerment while we help to bring one-of-kind events to our industry. Our years of experience coupled with New Earth Events' 34 + years of producing shows brings enormous value to our industry and participants," says Bruce Perlowin, CEO of Hemp, Inc. 
Hemp Inc New Earth Events sponsor California

Milford woman sells hemp oil products

Stamford Advocate
She said she has seen a baby product help a mother heal her child's diaper rash and the pet spray has taken away her pooch's itch. She especially stands by her body lotions, body washes and shampoos.

"I've got the smoothest skin I've ever seen," she said.
For more information, visit caseys-edibles.com.
Casey's Edibles hemp products

Kentucky CBD: Back to the Future with Industrial Hemp

Smell the Truth
GenCanna, working with its strategic local partners, immediately distinguished themselves by establishing the state’s first dedicated analytical laboratory in Lexington.  Since compliance with potency levels is vitally important, regulators from KDA and scientists from universities were invited into the lab to observe and confer.  The Hemp Kentucky Project is compiling significant internal data for use in future agricultural production decisions.

The Hemp Kentucky Project now employs over 40 people at facilities in Jackson and Garrard Counties.  Close working relationships with nursery and farming families have led to high expectations for the 2015 outdoor season.  Because GenCanna specializes in industrial hemp with high CBD (Cannabidiol), it is necessary to have defined protocols at all stages of the growth and processing cycle.  This new-aged approach to the ancient industrial hemp cultivation and production techniques has been enabled by the quick adoption of modern standards at both locations.
Hemp Kentucky Project

First large-scale hemp processing plant begins in Colorado

The Denver Post
A Fort Lupton plant is starting to test and process Colorado's hemp harvest, turning it into pulp that can be used to make paper, sugar -- even biofuels.

It's nickname may be "ditch weed," but the PureVision Technology processing plant in Ft. Lupton is turning Colorado's newest cash crop into something much more valuable.
hemp processing plant Colorado

Hemp Seed On Its Way To Colorado, With A Federal Blessing

Colorado’s hemp registration program has taken off since the implementation of Amendment 64, which also legalized recreational marijuana in the state. With the new federal permit, the first shipments of seed could be here in two weeks, mostly from Italian universities.

“There’s plenty of seed out there,” says Mitch Yergert, head of the hemp program within Colorado’s Department of Agriculture. “The difficulty is with the [Drug Enforcement Administration], getting a registration and then getting an import permit and making sure all that lines up to be able to import the product.”
hemp seed

May 7, 2015

Opinion: 4 ways a hemp economy can benefit our environment.

Environmental Health News
1. Industrial GMO replacement
2. Clean Hempcrete and Hempoline
3. Hemp paper
4. Healthier soil
environmental benefits of hemp

US Hemp Wholesale is Now Selling Wholesale CBD Oil on their Website

The founders of USHempWholesale.com are pleased to announce that they are now selling wholesale CBD oil on their website. As a company spokesperson for US Hemp Wholesale explained, cannabidiol, or CBD for short, is a chemical compound from the cannabis genus. The compound is non-psychoactive, and it may have anti-anxiety properties. For people who wish to purchase top quality CBD oil wholesale, US Hemp Wholesale is a one-stop CBD shop.
hemp products

Hemp industry is growing in Kentucky, attracting processors, investment

"With their investment, jobs have been created, jobs are going to be created, and they've signed contracts with family farmers," Comer said. "Hemp equals jobs and true economic growth, which is what we predicted when we launched Senate Bill 50 two years ago."
hemp farming

Harvesting hemp

Winnipeg Sun
Then Fata discovered the benefits of hemp foods.

"Hemp is not only a great protein source, but one of the richest sources of omegas or essential fatty acids," he said. "I fell in love with it."

Fata did some research on the importance of essential fats and sensed "the no-fat diet" trend was about to change to the "right-fat diet."
hemp nutrition

Purdue ready to plant legal hemp

Goshen News
Ronald Turco has conducted critical research in his 30 years at Purdue University but his current project is the first to be vetted by federal drug agents.

An agronomist, Turco has spent months clearing hurdles to begin the first legal production of industrial hemp in decades in Indiana. Facing questions from the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration was just one of many steps in getting the cannabis seeds into the ground.

“You can’t just open up a catalog on the Internet and buy the stuff," he said. "It’s not like ordering a couple bags of seed corn that just show up on your doorstep the next day.”
hemp research

Business sells hemp-infused drinks that don’t cause a high

Rio Rancho Observer

A new Rio Rancho distribution company is bringing hemp-mixed beverages to metro-area gas stations and medical marijuana dispensaries across the state.

Desert Shark Distribution began distributing Rocky Mountain High hemp beverages to dispensaries this month, as well as selling the products during Saturday’s Snoop Dogg concert at Santa Ana Star Center.

The distributed beverages — Hemp Energy Drink, Hemp Iced Tea and Hemp Lemonade — are products from Totally Hemp Crazy Inc., from Dallas.
hemp nutrition

The Benefits of Hemp Seeds for Stress Relief

One Green Planet
It’s amazing how much nutrition one tiny seed can contain. All seeds are some of the most powerful foods one can eat containing amino acids (protein), iron, B vitamins, and magnesium. Hemp seeds are one of the most popular types of seeds and highest sources of plant-based protein. They’re seamless to digest and contain roughly 13 grams of protein in just 3 tablespoons. Hemp seed protein powder has even more with 13-15 grams depending on the type and brand. Hemp seeds, like other seeds, can also be used anywhere making them incredibly versatile in a variety of recipes. Their mild, slightly nutty flavor can be paired with savory or sweet ingredients, and they even have the ability to cream up nicely as a great replacement to dairy-based dishes.
Hemp Nutrition

May 3, 2015

XTRM to Produce Residential Hemp and Cannabis Oil Extractor

Yahoo! Finance
XTRM is proud to announce that the company anticipates production of its first version of the residential Hemp and Cannabis Oil extractor by the last quarter of 2015. Oils derived from hemp and/or medical marijuana are in huge demand, but current methods being used can be very dangerous, yield non-consistent results, or are priced far beyond the reach of 99% of consumers. Research being conducted by Dr. Rainer Busch is being used to develop methods that XTRM believes will achieve consistent results in a safe cost-effective manner. The unit being developed by XTRM does not use liquid butane or other methods currently under scrutiny.

Business Beat: Hemp Cultivation Bill has Investors, Business Owners Looking at Possibilities

KBIA 91.3
Its seeds have more omega-3 value than fish oil and more protein than eggs. Its fiber provided the sails for Jones' Mayflower, and the cloth of the first American flag. It can create a biofuel that powers diesel engines, clean the impurities out of wastewater and be brewed into beer.

Washington hemp bill grows in scope, cost

Capital Press
The House and hemp advocates, however, favored state oversight to ensure the cannabis crop doesn’t get tainted by cross-pollinating with marijuana or run afoul of federal authorities, who categorize hemp as a controlled substance.

The Washington Department of Agriculture estimates providing that regulation would cost at least $900,000 a year. WSDA could collect fees from hemp farmers, but the agency says it would still need $400,000 to $500,000 right away from general taxes to get the program started.

Neither House nor Senate budget writers, responsible for producing a balanced spending plan, have proposed allocating the money to make legalizing hemp possible this year.

The Hemp Health Facts That Might Surprise You

It's rich in omega-3 fatty acids.
It's high in fiber.
It's a protein powerhouse.

The Trials And Tribulations Of Hemp In America

The Frisky
Today is Earth Day and Monday was 4/20, which means we’re smack in the middle of a confluence of fascinating issues; specifically, issues surrounding hemp, America’s needlessly illegal and potentially ecologically beneficial agricultural phantom. Scientists, farmers, retailers, and even growing numbers of American lawmakers across the political spectrum know that hemp and marijuana are chemically and even visibly different plants. So why is hemp still classified as a Schedule 2 drug?

Hemp, Inc.''s Decortication Plant Update

Hemp, Inc. (OTC:HEMP), processor, manufacturer and marketer, in the industrial hemp industry, is pleased to update its shareholders on the progress of its decortication facility in Spring Hope, North Carolina. Thus far, Hemp, Inc. was able to install its new Guard Lite Security Lighting Systems. The Guard Lite security system, manufactured by Liberated Energy, Inc. (OTC:LIBE) in Marlton, New Jersey, is a self-powered wind and solar power lighting and security system. The purchase of the system resulted from the strategic partnership between Hemp, Inc.'sIndustrial Hemp and Medical Marijuana Consulting Company (IHMMCC) and Liberated Energy.

NEWS Legal, hemp-based alte­rnative to medical marijuana available in all states

However, the hemp version has very little of the psychoactive ingredient THC -- less than .03 perent -- so it's legal in all 50 states.

"It can give you access to very high concentrated CBD but it can't get you high and the amount of THC is just a trace amount, so you can't get stoned," said Andrew Hard, spokesperson for HempMeds.

Here’s Why Hemp Should be Your New Favorite Plant

Just how valuable can this little plant be? How about $620 million (about $200M of which was food products alone), as estimated by the Hemp Industries Association (HIA), a non-profit trade group representing hemp companies, researchers and supporters. President Obama passed legislation to allow hemp to grow for research purposes, but it is still only allowed to grow in 21 states. There is, however, mounting pressure to legalize industrial hemp growing in the US.

April 25, 2015

Tribal Hemp and Cannabis Summit held in Albuquerque

KOAT Albuquerque
A local medical marijuana magazine and a Native American economic development organization teamed up for the Tribal Hemp and Cannabis Summit. The event covered all kinds of topics, including medical benefits, industrial hemp, manufacturing possibilities and what it takes to launch a marijuana business.

Ubiquitech Software Corp.'s HempLifeToday.com Division Exceeds Projections With More Than $600,000 in Gross Sales for First Calendar Quarter of 2015

Virtual-Strategy Magazine
Ubiquitech Software Corp. (OTC PINK: UBQU), an international technology and services company, is pleased to announce that sales for the first quarter of calendar year 2015 for its HempLifeToday.com division have exceeded all projections, and profits continue to grow as more and more marketing opportunities are being made available. Gross revenues for HempLifeToday.com from January 1, 2015 through March 31, 2015 exceeded $625,000 before discounts, a dramatic climb in sales since the end of the fourth quarter 2014 and over first quarter 2014. 

For Lawmakers it was Aloha 'Hemp' Friday

Legislators from the State Senate and House Friday wore Aloha shirts made from hemp to Session at the State Capitol in honor of Earth Day Week. Earlier this month, the University of Hawaii planted its first hemp crop for research purposes. The study will measure the phytoremediation properties and biofuel potential of Industrial Hemp. Representative Cynthia Thielen (Kaneohe Bay, Kailua), a tireless advocate for Hawaii hemp production said, "Growing hemp in Hawaii is a no brainer because of its versatility, marketability, and sustainability. I’m thrilled that finally we are gaining traction on bringing this wonderful crop back as a mainstream agricultural product." 

Vote Hemp organization prepares for Hemp History Week

The Bay Net
The Hemp Industries Association (HIA) and Vote Hemp are organizing the sixth annual Hemp History Week, which will be held June 1-7, 2015. Encouraged by federal support in Congress, with the Industrial Hemp Farming Act introduced in both the House and Senate in January 2015, the campaign’s theme Sow the Seed will highlight spring plantings in states that have passed legislation legalizing industrial hemp farming, and encourage consumers to participate in our Take Action campaign to call for support among legislators to lift the prohibition on industrial hemp farming nationwide. Across the country, over 1,100 events will bring documentary film screenings, cooking demonstrations, retail promotions, educational outreach, spring hemp plantings and hemp home building courses to the public, catalyzing movement on the issue of lifting the federal ban on this versatile, sustainable crop. To learn more about Hemp History Week, visit: www.HempHistoryWeek.com.

Totally Hemp Crazy Inc. to Introduce New Low Calorie Hemp Infused Beverage

Yahoo! Finance
The new beverage, 'Hemp Coconut Lime' will be an all natural fifteen (15) calorie product sweetened with Stevia and Agave Nectar and will be made available in an attractive 12 oz. slim line can packed 12 per case. The hemp infused beverage will feature 50 mg. of hempseed extract that contains Omega-3, Omega-6 and all eight (8) essential amino acids.

Naturally Splendid Secures Industrial Hemp Supply Until End of 2016

Yahoo! Finance
Naturally Splendid VP of Operations Bryan Carson comments, "It is vitally important for Naturally Splendid to secure enough industrial hemp seed to facilitate expanding our sales rapidly in our existing retail lines, retail lines in development and for our raw hemp-oil input for producing HempOmega(TM). With this supply agreement now in place, the Company is confident we can focus on our sales and marketing strategies."

Hemp: still too scary for Indiana

This, of course, was ditch weed. Hemp. It grew wild in uncultivated fields like a kind of muscle memory from Indiana’s agricultural past. As we soon found out, it made for awful smoking.

Industrial hemp seed inches closer to TN farmers' hands

Knoxville News Sentinel
The Tennessee Department of Agriculture has received word from the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration that its registration to import hemp seed has been approved.

Hemp seed bill clears Colorado Senate

A bill approved 35-0 Thursday would set up a "certified seed" program through the state Department of Agriculture.

April 22, 2015

Manitoba Harvest Hemp Foods Chooses 100 Per Cent Green Energy With Bullfrog Power for All of its Facilities

Yahoo! Finance
Today, Bullfrog Power®, Canada's leading green energy provider, and Manitoba Harvest Hemp Foods (www.manitobaharvest.com), the leading hemp foods manufacturer, announced a new environmental partnership. Manitoba Harvest will be choosing both 100 per cent green electricity and 100 per cent green natural gas with Bullfrog Power for both their head office and all of their manufacturing facilities.

Hemp has suffered from its association with cultivated marijuana

Daily Nebraskan
“For hemp, when you want it for the fiber, you grow it very compact,” Clemente said. “Straight up; you want the stalks, not many leaves. For smoking, (you want) short, lot of flowers, specifically female flowers.”

It’s 4/20, So Here Are Some Hemp Products For Nourished Skin

The Gloss
So what makes hemp the right choice? Well, hemp contains eveything that can be good for your skin: omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids, along with vitamins E, E, B-12, magnesium, iron and potassium. Hempseed oil can be used to moisturize and tone skin, without clogging pores.

Hemp, Inc. and Dewmar International Showcase Kush Cakes at Cannabis Cup 2015

Yahoo! Finance
"The Cannabis Cup is considered to draw the best of the best in the cannabis sector," says Bruce Perlowin, CEO of Hemp, Inc. (HEMP). "The Kush Cakes are a success there and were also a huge success at last week's Big Industry Show and Horticulture 360 in Denver. CO... voted the most popular booth at the sold out event." According to Dewmar International BMC, Inc.'s executives, the company took orders for and sold thousands of dollars worth of product at the two-day event and sold over $1,500 worth of Kush Cakes online on the first official day of their launch.

Totally Hemp Crazy Inc. Signs Distribution Agreements in New Mexico and California

Yahoo! Finance
"We are thrilled to be onboard with a distribution agreement of the Rocky Mountain High products, and Albuquerque, NM is a perfect location for the product considering that the 20 to 34 year old age group is growing at twice the United States average," commented Austin Pellegrino, Owner / CEO of Desert Shark. "Medical marijuana is legal in New Mexico so there is an abundance of dispensaries that can be potential retailers of these amazing tasting products."