April 25, 2015

Tribal Hemp and Cannabis Summit held in Albuquerque

KOAT Albuquerque
A local medical marijuana magazine and a Native American economic development organization teamed up for the Tribal Hemp and Cannabis Summit. The event covered all kinds of topics, including medical benefits, industrial hemp, manufacturing possibilities and what it takes to launch a marijuana business.

Ubiquitech Software Corp.'s HempLifeToday.com Division Exceeds Projections With More Than $600,000 in Gross Sales for First Calendar Quarter of 2015

Virtual-Strategy Magazine
Ubiquitech Software Corp. (OTC PINK: UBQU), an international technology and services company, is pleased to announce that sales for the first quarter of calendar year 2015 for its HempLifeToday.com division have exceeded all projections, and profits continue to grow as more and more marketing opportunities are being made available. Gross revenues for HempLifeToday.com from January 1, 2015 through March 31, 2015 exceeded $625,000 before discounts, a dramatic climb in sales since the end of the fourth quarter 2014 and over first quarter 2014. 

For Lawmakers it was Aloha 'Hemp' Friday

Legislators from the State Senate and House Friday wore Aloha shirts made from hemp to Session at the State Capitol in honor of Earth Day Week. Earlier this month, the University of Hawaii planted its first hemp crop for research purposes. The study will measure the phytoremediation properties and biofuel potential of Industrial Hemp. Representative Cynthia Thielen (Kaneohe Bay, Kailua), a tireless advocate for Hawaii hemp production said, "Growing hemp in Hawaii is a no brainer because of its versatility, marketability, and sustainability. I’m thrilled that finally we are gaining traction on bringing this wonderful crop back as a mainstream agricultural product." 

Vote Hemp organization prepares for Hemp History Week

The Bay Net
The Hemp Industries Association (HIA) and Vote Hemp are organizing the sixth annual Hemp History Week, which will be held June 1-7, 2015. Encouraged by federal support in Congress, with the Industrial Hemp Farming Act introduced in both the House and Senate in January 2015, the campaign’s theme Sow the Seed will highlight spring plantings in states that have passed legislation legalizing industrial hemp farming, and encourage consumers to participate in our Take Action campaign to call for support among legislators to lift the prohibition on industrial hemp farming nationwide. Across the country, over 1,100 events will bring documentary film screenings, cooking demonstrations, retail promotions, educational outreach, spring hemp plantings and hemp home building courses to the public, catalyzing movement on the issue of lifting the federal ban on this versatile, sustainable crop. To learn more about Hemp History Week, visit: www.HempHistoryWeek.com.

Totally Hemp Crazy Inc. to Introduce New Low Calorie Hemp Infused Beverage

Yahoo! Finance
The new beverage, 'Hemp Coconut Lime' will be an all natural fifteen (15) calorie product sweetened with Stevia and Agave Nectar and will be made available in an attractive 12 oz. slim line can packed 12 per case. The hemp infused beverage will feature 50 mg. of hempseed extract that contains Omega-3, Omega-6 and all eight (8) essential amino acids.

Naturally Splendid Secures Industrial Hemp Supply Until End of 2016

Yahoo! Finance
Naturally Splendid VP of Operations Bryan Carson comments, "It is vitally important for Naturally Splendid to secure enough industrial hemp seed to facilitate expanding our sales rapidly in our existing retail lines, retail lines in development and for our raw hemp-oil input for producing HempOmega(TM). With this supply agreement now in place, the Company is confident we can focus on our sales and marketing strategies."

Hemp: still too scary for Indiana

This, of course, was ditch weed. Hemp. It grew wild in uncultivated fields like a kind of muscle memory from Indiana’s agricultural past. As we soon found out, it made for awful smoking.

Industrial hemp seed inches closer to TN farmers' hands

Knoxville News Sentinel
The Tennessee Department of Agriculture has received word from the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration that its registration to import hemp seed has been approved.

Hemp seed bill clears Colorado Senate

A bill approved 35-0 Thursday would set up a "certified seed" program through the state Department of Agriculture.

April 22, 2015

Manitoba Harvest Hemp Foods Chooses 100 Per Cent Green Energy With Bullfrog Power for All of its Facilities

Yahoo! Finance
Today, Bullfrog Power®, Canada's leading green energy provider, and Manitoba Harvest Hemp Foods (www.manitobaharvest.com), the leading hemp foods manufacturer, announced a new environmental partnership. Manitoba Harvest will be choosing both 100 per cent green electricity and 100 per cent green natural gas with Bullfrog Power for both their head office and all of their manufacturing facilities.

Hemp has suffered from its association with cultivated marijuana

Daily Nebraskan
“For hemp, when you want it for the fiber, you grow it very compact,” Clemente said. “Straight up; you want the stalks, not many leaves. For smoking, (you want) short, lot of flowers, specifically female flowers.”

It’s 4/20, So Here Are Some Hemp Products For Nourished Skin

The Gloss
So what makes hemp the right choice? Well, hemp contains eveything that can be good for your skin: omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids, along with vitamins E, E, B-12, magnesium, iron and potassium. Hempseed oil can be used to moisturize and tone skin, without clogging pores.

Hemp, Inc. and Dewmar International Showcase Kush Cakes at Cannabis Cup 2015

Yahoo! Finance
"The Cannabis Cup is considered to draw the best of the best in the cannabis sector," says Bruce Perlowin, CEO of Hemp, Inc. (HEMP). "The Kush Cakes are a success there and were also a huge success at last week's Big Industry Show and Horticulture 360 in Denver. CO... voted the most popular booth at the sold out event." According to Dewmar International BMC, Inc.'s executives, the company took orders for and sold thousands of dollars worth of product at the two-day event and sold over $1,500 worth of Kush Cakes online on the first official day of their launch.

Totally Hemp Crazy Inc. Signs Distribution Agreements in New Mexico and California

Yahoo! Finance
"We are thrilled to be onboard with a distribution agreement of the Rocky Mountain High products, and Albuquerque, NM is a perfect location for the product considering that the 20 to 34 year old age group is growing at twice the United States average," commented Austin Pellegrino, Owner / CEO of Desert Shark. "Medical marijuana is legal in New Mexico so there is an abundance of dispensaries that can be potential retailers of these amazing tasting products." 

4 Best Reasons to Legalize Hemp

1. Forest Cover and Biodiversity
2. No Pesticides and Herbicides Required
3. Lower Carbon Emissions
4. Soil Protection

Hemp oil to treat pets on the rise

In Denver, Murphy’s Dog Treats were a big hit at the High Times Cannabis Cup, and if you want to order infused bones on line, Canna Companions is a good company to order from.

Do You Really Know The Differences Between Hemp and Weed?

For hemp foods to reach their potential it is important to discuss and separate the controversy over these two plants. It is true that both come from the same plant Cannabis sativa L. The important difference to note is that industrial hemp contains only less than 0.3% of Tetrahydrocannabinoids or THC (the ingredients that make a person high), while marijuana’s THC content can be 5-10% or more.

Expect to see a lot more headlines and discussion about legalizing marijuana especially as the presidential Campaigns gear up. It will be important for all of us to separate these two very different crops and not lose what could be one of agriculture’s most important and nutritious crops to misunderstanding and politics. Hemp History Week is June 1 through 7 and over 1,100 events throughout our country  will encourage better understanding to our legislators and shoppers.

April 18, 2015

The Utility of Hemp Seeds

Nutritional Outlook
Hulled, or shelled, hemp seeds are suitable for food products in which chewiness is desired over crunchiness. The removal of the seed’s fibrous shell doesn’t just soften the seed’s texture; it makes available the inner meat of the seed, sometimes called the “hemp heart.” This portion of the hemp seed is highest in essential fatty acids, protein, vitamins, and minerals.

Photo Release -- Hemp, Inc. and Dewmar International BMC, Inc. Successfully Launches Improved Kush Cakes at the Big Industry Show in Denver, CO

Yahoo! Finance
Hemp, Inc. (HEMP), a leader in the industrial hemp industry, announced today the Kush Cakes re-launch, with Dewmar International BMC, Inc. (DEWM) was a huge success at the Big Industry Show in Denver, CO April 14 and 15, 2015. The Big Industry Show, one of the largest trade shows for the smoke shop industry, was home to hundreds of manufacturing, distributor and wholesale companies, a lot of which were excited for the re-launch of the new and improved Kush Cakes, now infused with hemp.

Congress Pursuing the Legalization of Industrial Hemp

Yahoo! Finance
U.S. Rep Thomas Massie is trying to put an end to this illogical ban this year and has reintroduced H.R. 525, the "Industrial Hemp Farming Act" to congress and signs are indicating that it could get passed shortly.

Florida Senate Committee Votes 7-0 on Bill to Legalize Hemp Farming, Effectively Nullify Federal Ban

Tenth Amendment
Introduced by State Sen. Jeff Clemons (D-Palm Beach) on Feb. 13, Senate Bill 902 (S902) not only designates industrial hemp as an agricultural crop, but also sets up the framework to effectuate a commercial hemp farming program in the state. Additionally, it expressly rejects any need for federal approval.

3 local farmers apply to grow hemp

Johnson City Press
The three were among 53 who submitted applications to the state Department of Agriculture before the April 1 filing deadline hoping to be granted the opportunity to take part in the program, designed to study the viability of growing the plant as a legitimate agricultural product in Tennessee.

Industrial Hemp Cultivation & Research Bill Filed in Georgia

The Daily Chronic
House Bill 704 was filed earlier this month by Rep. John Pezold (R – Fortson) and House Agriculture and Consumer Affairs Chairman Tom McCall (R – Elberton), along with three co-sponsors, including two Democrats.  Because Georgia’s 2015-2016 legislative session is currently in recess, the bill is most likely to be considered when lawmakers reconvene in 2016.

The proposal would establish a pilot program for studying the growth, cultivation and marketing of industrial hemp, as authorized by recent changes to federal law.  The bill was written to be fully compliant with the Federal Agriculture Act of 2014, which allows states to establish such programs.

Did Alaska legalize industrial hemp along with recreational cannabis?

Alaska Dispatch News
DK wonders a few things: “How is hemp affected in the legalization of cannabis? Is hemp farming legal? Hypothetically, can I have a 5-acre hemp farm? Any information on the legality and reality of hemp cultivation/industrialization is welcomed.”

Well, sorry to bear disappointment, DK. Hemp is not yet legal to grow on a commercial scale in Alaska.

Evergreen Nursery space becomes Ambary Gardens indoor hemp grow

The Denver Post
Brady Bell is operating Ambary Gardens out of the old Evergreen Nursery at 26479 Highway 74 in Kittredge, with the help of owner Steve Cohen. The greenhouses there will be used to grow medical-grade hemp plants for cultivation of cannabidiol, or CBD oil, an extract being used to treat a number of chronic illnesses.

The business will not be a retail operation open to the public, but Bell said they plan to do plenty of outreach to educate the community about what they are doing and why.

"We're trying to raise awareness and bridge the gap, sharing the differences between (marijuana) and hemp," Bell said.

April 14, 2015

Peak Pharma and Canna-Pet(R) Enjoy Outstanding Product Launch Success

Yahoo! Finance
Peak Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (OTCQB: PKPH) ("Peak Pharma" or the "Company"), and Canna-Pet, a leading innovator of non-prescription cannabinoid products for animals, were thrilled to announce today that their recent MaxCBD biscuit product launch sold out in under 72 hours. 

Novus Offers Charlotte's Web Through Its Provider Network

Yahoo! Finance
Novus Acquisition & Development Corp. (OTC PINK: NDEV), through its wholly owned Novus Medical Group subsidiary, provides a healthcare program called "Novus MedPlan" that offers a cost saving medical plan for patients within the wellness industry, including the medical marijuana (MMJ) arena. Today Novus announces that its Novus MedPlan, through its Provider Network, will be offering the nationally renowned "Charlotte's Web" through its interactive web portal. The agreement with this Provider is an exclusive basis for 30% off the retail price and Novus MedPlan will not offer this product through any other provider.

Smoky Black Bean and Hemp Seed Burgers [Vegan, Gluten-Free]

One Green Planet
There are some days when I get this weird craving for a really good burger. Like a super substantial, stick to your ribs, hearty bad-ass burger. Today was one of those days I guess. Now my main issue that I have with some veggie burgers is that they are all veg and some flour. Nothing really there. For me, I want something with some protein and some good fats and nutrients; my body needs these things. I've been playing around with some different combinations, but I keep coming back to good ol’ hemp seeds. They give the burgers a nice little chew and some heartiness.

Naturally Splendid to Custom Formulate HempOmega (tm) for Laguna Blends Protein Line

Yahoo! Finance
Naturally Splendid Enterprises Ltd. ("Naturally Splendid" or the "Company") (TSX VENTURE: NSP) (NSPDF) (50N.F) is pleased to announce that it has signed a letter of intent ("the LOI") with Laguna Blends Inc. Under the terms of the LOI, Laguna and NSP plan to enter into a research, development and manufacturing agreement ("the Definitive Agreement") for the purpose of pursuing mutually beneficial business opportunities in the hemp food products area (the "Proposed Transaction").

Totally Hemp Crazy Inc. Hires Auditing Firm to Become Fully Reporting

Yahoo! Finance
Totally Hemp Crazy Inc. (OTC PINK: THCZ) announced today the Company has hired Paritz & Company (http://www.paritz.com), a CPA firm, to audit the THCZ's books and assist in filing a Form 10 or S-1 Registration to become fully reporting and move to the OTCQB. The audit process should be completed in the summer. Upon completion of filing and approval from the SEC, THCZ will immediately move to the OTCQB.

New Mexico Governor Vetoes Hemp Farming Bill

The Daily Chronic
“By vetoing the Industrial Hemp Farming Act, Governor Martinez has chosen to ignore the will of a super majority of state lawmakers and has done a disservice to the state,” said Jessica Gelay, policy coordinator with the New Mexico office of the Drug Policy Alliance. “It’s a shame that New Mexico is not joining the twenty-two other states — including very conservative states like Utah, Kentucky and Tennessee — that have enacted legislation to legalize industrial hemp for research and development or commercial cultivation.”

Waimanalo family claims UH hemp study land belongs to them

Hawaii News Now
"They're planning on growing hemp on our land and we don't have any problems with it. We would just like some cooperation and some coordination with us, as the owners of course," says the family spokesman Austin Lorenzo.

Lawmakers pitch Georgia industrial hemp

The Telegraph
Nearly half the country is taking a new interest in industrial hemp, a straight-laced cousin to marijuana that was long used for rope and fabric. Now, a group of Georgia lawmakers wants to give it a try, too.

“Looking at the history of Georgia, how hemp was used back in the day for making clothes and stuff like that, I thought it was a great idea,” said state Rep. James Beverly, D-Macon.

He’s the sole Democrat to sign House Bill 704 by John Pezold, R-Fortson, as filed April 2, the last day of the annual legislative session.

Poway's cannabis conglomerate

UT San Diego
A small Poway company that sells hemp products that don’t get people high is trying to cash in on the “green rush,” the booming nationwide interest in the medicinal and recreational use of marijuana.

Its name, Medical Marijuana Inc., refers to the type of cannabis that can get people stoned. But the company’s inventory is confined to health and beauty items developed from another type of cannabis: industrial hemp.

April 11, 2015

Capitalism made hemp, pot illegal

Portales News-Tribune
By the 1930s, the struggling cotton and timber industries saw hemp as a threat to their interests, and the unscrupulous newspaper tycoon William Randolph Hearst, who had lots of his money tied up in the timber industry, mounted a campaign to demonize marijuana and other cannabis plants, including hemp. In 1937, Congress passed the Marijuana Tax Act, which was followed by the Controlled Substances Act of 1970, both of which effectively shut down the agricultural production of marijuana and hemp in the U.S. — a prohibition that’s lasted to this day.

Hemp’s high hurdles

Food Business News
“Hemp is misunderstood,” Mr. Vierhile said in an April 9 presentation at Ingredient Marketplace in Orlando. “That is really one of the key problems with hemp going forward.”

Myths of cannabis & hemp cross-pollination

Cross-pollination of hemp with marijuana would significantly reduce the potency of the marijuana plants. While hemp farmers are not going to want marijuana cross-pollinating with their hemp and increasing their hemp’s THC content, it would be entirely more disastrous for the marijuana grower if hemp were to cross-pollinate with their marijuana due to the cost of producing and value of selling medical and adult-use marijuana. The concern is real. The concern is valid. But the concern does not merit the level of hysteria that appears to have arisen in Washington. We must take a note from Kentucky. 

Hawaiʻi Ag lands Could Be Green Again with Industrial Hemp

Maui TV News
The high cost of feed in Hawaiʻi constrains cattle ranchers, who used to grow beef, but now just breed and ship calves to ranches and feed lots on the mainland. Industrial hemp feed has the potential to revive Hawaiʻi’s beef cattle industry. As a cash crop, it will boost all livestock production and other agricultural sectors too. Hemp seed is also a good food for humans. Oil extracted from the seed is rich in Omega 3 and 6 and has hundreds of commercial and nutritional applications. Biofuel is just one. Hemp fiber becomes thread and fabric; pulverized stalks mixed with water and binders, turns into a semi-structural insulation for building Hawaiʻi homes. Commercial hemp grows as dense green fields of 12-foot plants that will mitigate run-off, dust and brush fire problems in old cane and pineapple fields.

Hemp, Inc. Sponsors Next New Earth Expo Event in Continuing Its Commitment to Corporate Consciousness

Hemp, Inc. (OTC:HEMP) announced today it will be showcasing its hemp-based cosmeceutical line and hemp nutraceutical products at the Manhattan Beach New Earth Expo on Sunday, April 12, 2015 in Los Angeles, CA. Through continuing its commitment to corporate consciousness, sales and marketing, environmentalism, philanthropy and personal empowerment, the upcoming expo is the second in eleven being sponsored by Hemp, Inc. (OTC:HEMP).

Business Q&A: Hemp Way Foods, Kittredge

The Denver Post
Interview with Carla Boyd, owner
Q: How did you get involved in this business?
A: I started Hemp Way Foods in 2014 because of my own experiences with food intolerance, health issues and not having realistic food options. I started researching hemp and experimenting with making our first product, the hemp burger. Hemp is a superfood with amazing health benefits like being a natural anti-inflammatory and assisting your body with nutrition absorption, among others. I really believe hemp can change our world — it can be food, fuel and fiber. I started off in a small deli-style grow and wine shop in Conifer and quickly expanded to local Evergreen restaurants and Denver-area markets. I have been doing pop-up-style kitchens for many years and have always had a passion to provide healthy, delicious food. 

Coming in Fast on a Hemp Skateboard

If you’re walking into this knowing little about industrial hemp, you’re in luck because you’re about to meet an entrepreneur who is diving into the industry headfirst. We are surrounded by manufactured products; Our appliances, our clothing, our kitchen utensils, our furniture, but do you know what material it’s made from? Do you know what environmental impact was made in the processing of that product? The revolution of cannabis is coming in increasingly larger waves, but it’s not just changing our health regimes, it’s changing everything around us. It’s reintroducing us to industrial hemp! And Brian Wetphal, founder and CEO of Lotus Boards, is putting that to the test right under our feet!

UPIKE Partners with Hemp Company

The University of Pikeville officially linked up with "Freedom Seed and Feed" on Thursday. The two sides will collaborate to form the "Institute for Regenerative Design and Innovation."

Through student-based research, the IRDI will promote the development of industrial hemp, with hopes of improving the economy in central Appalachia.

Business Beat: Hemp Cultivation Bill has Investors, Business Owners Looking at Possibilities

KBIA 91.3
This bill would be welcomed by Jason Small, who is the assistant brewmaster at the O’Fallon Brewery in St. Louis. Small has been using the seeds of the outlawed plant to brew Hemp Hop Rye ale since 2009, and the drink has increased in popularity since then. Brewing the beer is legal, but since it is illegal to grow the plant in the United States, Small’s brewery imports its hemp seeds from Canada.

American hemp: Colorado biotech firm ramps up processing plans

The Cannabist
“Our original business model was to better utilize waste and turn it into resources,” said company co-owner Ed Lehrburger in a telephone interview. He and his brother Carl Lehrburger founded PureVision Technology 23 years ago, along with business partner Dick Wingerson, a nuclear engineer who trained at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

UH sets up industrial hemp research station

“Hemp is an important crop which not only has proven a viable money maker in other countries, but offers so much potential for Hawaii’s struggling agricultural industry,” said State Representative Cynthia Thielen (Kailua-Kaneohe Bay), adding, “My hope is that this small Waimanalo research field will be the first step in providing our farmers with an exciting new crop which can be grown throughout our islands.”

April 7, 2015

American Seed & Oil Company Announces Medical Cannabis Cooperative for Independent Hemp and Marijuana Cultivators

Algae International Group, Inc. (OTC: ALGA), through its operating subsidiary American Seed & Oil Company, today Announced The American Seed & Oil Company Medical Cannabis Cooperative. The intent of the Cooperative is to build an organization of independent hemp and marijuana cultivation organizations that by working together can more rapidly and soundly expand their respective operations. American Seed & Oil Company is dedicating its previously announced $1.2 million in secured funding to The Medical Cannabis Cooperative.

Totally Hemp Crazy Inc. Signs Distribution Agreement With Elk City, Oklahoma Dr Pepper Bottler

Market Wired
Totally Hemp Crazy Inc. (OTC PINK: THCZ) announced today that the Company has finalized a distribution agreement with the Dr Pepper Bottling Company of Elk City, OK. This is the first distribution deal for the Company in Oklahoma for the Rocky Mountain High hemp-infused line-up of beverages and is a possible gateway for other similar type of distribution deals.

The Hemp Industry’s Potential Is Literally Sky High

Business Cheat Sheet
And that’s what truly makes the hemp plane special. Sure, it’s a rather admirable feat in its own right, but it’s also a billboard of sorts. We have talked about how a fully-legalized and regulated hemp industry could be worth billions before, and how the industry’s potential could be far beyond what anyone previously thought. The hemp plane exemplifies that perfectly.