March 30, 2015

New Zealand: Hemp smoothie ads pulled over drug slogans

The Habitual Fix chain has been told to remove its advertising for the drink, which included slogans like "Just ask your dealer" and "Don't panic, we also do munchies", the New Zealand Herald reports. The smoothies, which contain hemp oil, cucumber, mint, yoghurt and apple juice, were being sold in a cup emblazoned with a cannabis leaf and were advertised as having positive health benefits, the website says. Now the Ministry of Primary Industries has told the company to remove all drug references and health claims from the adverts.

HempAmericana Announced Availability of its Rolling Thunders Hemp Rolling Paper

Yahoo! Finance
HempAmericana, Inc. (HMPQ), a researcher, developer and marketer of industrial hemp products, is pleased to announce the availability of its Rolling Thunders Hemp Rolling Paper. The revolutionary hemp papers are available in over 35 stores in New York City and South Florida. For a complete list of availability at retailers, please check out:;_ylt=A0LEVjfCbRlVSkEA.IgnnIlQ

Virginia Governor Signs Hemp Legalization Bills Into Law

The Daily Chronic
Democrat Gov. Terry McAuliffe signed legislation into law last week allowing for the cultivation of industrial hemp in accordance with state-sponsored research programs.

House Bill 1277 and Senate Bill 955 redefine industrial hemp as an agricultural commodity and allow for the plant’s cultivation by licensed growers as part of a university-managed research program.

NoCo Hemp Expo expands

Reporter-Herald Business
The second year of the NoCo Hemp Expo promises to be big, according to Morris Beegle with Colorado Hemp Company and the organizer of the expo.

In 2014, the event was at a club in Windsor. The expo had 15-20 vendors, speakers and live music.

"We sold out. Everyone really thought it was a great event and the goal this year is to take it to the next level," Beegle said.

Can Florida hemp be a cash crop?

Organic hemp seeds, considered a health food by some, sell for $17 per pound at the grocery store.

Most are imported from Canada, since growing hemp is illegal under U.S. law. But it could be legalized under a bill that the Florida Legislature is considering this year.

Fate of NM industrial hemp bill rests with governor

Albuquerque Business First
A bill that would legalize the farming of hemp in New Mexico and encourage the study of its use as an industrial product could become state law if Gov. Susana Martinez signs it, but politics may get in the way, according to a report in the Santa Fe New Mexican.

Tarpon Springs ‘hemp house’ owner an ambassador for the crop

The St. Petersburg Tribune
Clayton, a retired engineer, also saw its potential as an Earth-friendly fiber for construction.

The walls of his three-bedroom, two-bathroom home near the Sponge Docks in Tarpon Springs are built of “hempcrete,” making his residence the first “hemp house” in Florida.

Signed by the Governor: North Dakota Law Authorizes Hemp Farming, Effectively Nullifies Federal Ban

Tenth Amendment
HB1436 not only sets up the framework to effectuate a commercial hemp farming program in the state, it expressly rejects any need for federal approval before growing hemp in the state. It reads, in part: “A license required by this section is not conditioned on or subject to review or approval by the United States drug enforcement agency.”

Portland hemp convention draws thousands to Expo Center
There wasn't an empty aisle to be found at the Portland Expo Center.

March 27, 2015

Hemp Hookahzz Releases 40 mg and 24 mg CBD E-Liquid, a Healthier Vaping Choice and Compelling Alternative to Medical Marijuana

PR Newswire
Hemp Hookahzz, makers of Cannabidiol (CBD) infused e-liquids, announced the release of new e-liquid lines that pack 40 mg and 24 mg of CBD hemp oil. Produced at food-grade quality just like Hookahzz' original 18 mg CBD e-liquid, these stronger versions combine organic CBD, Vegetable Glycerin (VG) and the amino acid GABA without added propylene glycol to provide a rich yet smooth hit. Made in the U.S. at an FDA approved facility and legal in all 50 states, the new e-liquids are a compelling choice for people who want the therapeutic benefits of CBD without the psychoactive effects of medical marijuana.

MuLondon Signs Test Pledge For Hemp Products

The Street
By signing The Hemp Industries Association's Test Pledge, MuLondon commits to implement quality control measures which limit the amount of trace residual THC in shelled hemp seed and oil, thus eliminating the risk of a confirmed positive drug test.

If Signed, How Narrow Will State Interpret Hemp Law?

Santa Fe Reporter
The bill, which currently sits on the governor's desk, is based on the 2013 federal Farm Bill, which allows states to write their own laws to grow hemp for research purposes. Though that research must be tied to a university or an agriculture department, states like Kentucky also allow private farmers to grow hemp, as long as they're contracted with the state or a university.

Hemp Sheets and Motion Sensors: Eco-Luxury Hotel Comes to South Beach

The new eco-luxury property will feature amenities with renewable and recycled products. There are restored woods for guest room headboards, hemp-blend mattresses, eco-friendly dry cleaning, LED lights, motion sensors to reduce electricity use and more. In addition, the pool deck was constructed with wood from the property’s original promenade.

Industry Leaders Advocate Best Practices for Regulation, Labeling and Manufacturing of Medicinal Cannabis and Hemp Products

E News Park Forest
The American Herbal Products Association (AHPA) Cannabis Committee, in coordination with Americans for Safe Access (ASA), and the Hemp Industries Association (HIA), announces the release of a joint statement advocating for implementation of best practices for the regulation of consumable, topical, and inhalant cannabis and hemp-derived products to ensure quality and consumer safety.  These best practices were developed with the input of numerous industry experts and establish common language and defined terms for the transparent and accurate labeling of these products to support responsible commerce and informed use of the cannabis plant.

Hemp pilot projects finding fertile ground in Kentucky

Business Lexington
Kentucky is entering its second year of industrial hemp pilot projects. The first round in 2014 produced a wealth of data about production methods, seed varieties, harvesting, processing techniques and uses for harvested hemp.

“We’re looking to conduct a wide scope of pilot projects in 2015,” said Agriculture Commissioner James Comer, a strong advocate for hemp and a Republican candidate for governor.

“There are more agriculture processors in Kentucky today making an investment in the state, signing contracts and hiring people. This is something we’ll be able to look back at and say ‘This was a good decision,’” said Comer.

The budding hemp industry

Sinning said the CDA is working toward creating a certified seed program, which would use a small quantity of seed, reproduced within the state of Colorado. Once the seed proves it performs consistently below 0.3 percent THC, it will be placed in either the certified program or the seed increase program, which maintains the purity of the strain as well as approved seed standards on a national level.

Totally Hemp Crazy Inc. Orders Second Production Run in April of Rocky Mountain High Hemp Infused Beverages

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Totally Hemp Crazy Inc. (OTC PINK: THCZ) announced today that an additional 45,000 cases of product has been ordered and the production date is being scheduled between the second and third week of April. sales have been very brisk and have been a contributing factor towards producing the second run at an accelerated rate. Several large Distribution deals are being inked and the announcements will be forthcoming. 

For pioneer, hemp pays

The Durango Herald
Attentive audience of more than 50 local farmers and residents quizzed America’s first modern-day industrial hemp farmer at the Four States Ag Expo.

As the three-day event came to a close Saturday, Ryan Loflin fielded dozens of questions during a hemp awareness event. Loflin, a third-generation Colorado farmer, owns and operates the Rocky Mountain Hemp Inc. farm in Springfield. 

Championing hemp: Ontario builder promoting use of hempcrete

Daily Commercial News
Hemp Technologies with head office in Winnipeg is one of the companies promoting the use of hemp as a food, biofuel and building material. Stew Oliver is a consultant to Hemp Technologies and one of the owners of The Enrix Group, an Orillia-based builder specializing in residential and small commercial construction, sustainable energy projects — and hemp building.

Snack bars contain hemp seeds

Schriever Air Force Base
Connoisseurs of KIND Healthy Snacks brand snack bars need to steer clear of the company's Strong & KIND line, as the high protein snacks are made with hemp seeds.

"When I talk to new Airmen coming on the base, I tell them to always read the label," said Edward Roski, 50th Space Wing Drug Demand Reduction Program manager.

All five flavors--Hickory Smoked, Honey Smoked BBQ, Thai Sweet Chili, Roasted Jalapeno and Honey Mustard--list hemp seeds as an ingredient.  The line was launched in April 2014 as the company looked to introduce an all-natural product with bold flavor.

Hemp, Inc. to Sponsor New Earth Events in Continuing Its Commitment to Corporate Consciousness

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In continuing its commitment to corporate consciousness, sales and marketing, environmentalism, philanthropy and personal empowerment, Hemp, Inc. (HEMP) announced today that it will sponsor 11 upcoming expos of New Earth Events, a producer of new life expos, holistic living expos, holistic holiday markets, and health and healing arts fairs. The first expo in which Hemp, Inc. will sponsor, is the Healing Arts Fair in Carlsbad, CA on Sunday, March 29, 2015. By assembling "Cultural Creatives" from all walks of life, the Healing Arts Fair's mission is to "enjoy, learn, co-create successful ventures, cooperate in facilitating commerce, and empower each other toward a higher consciousness in solving the planet's most important social, environmental and human rights issues."

American Seed & Oil Company Brings DuBe Hemp Energy Shot to Three More States - Colorado, New Hampshire and Vermont

CNN Money
Algae International Group, Inc. (OTC: ALGA), through its operating subsidiary American Seed & Oil Company, today announced an expansion of the previously announced  distribution agreement of the DuBe Hemp Energy Shot in Texas and Kentucky.  American Seed & Oil will now be selling the DuBe Hemp Energy Shot in Colorado, New Hampshire and Vermont.

"The response to the DuBe Hemp Energy Shot from our distribution network has been extremely positive," Said Steven Rash, CEO of Algae International Group and American Seed & Oil.  "We went back and asked to expand our distribution network into the additional states because we had unsolicited demand from those states.  In addition to expanding our retail distribution network, we will soon be adding ecommerce to our website and selling the DuBe Hemp Energy Shot online with other organically certified hemp infused consumer products."

March 21, 2015

Vega Biofuels Testing Use of Industrial Hemp as Feedstock for Bio-Coal

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VEGA BIOFUELS, INC. (OTC PINK: VGPR) announced today it will start testing industrial hemp as a feedstock for manufacturing its green energy Bio-Coal. 

Vega has entered into an Agreement with Vencor International, manufacturer of the Company's Bio-Coal, to start testing industrial hemp for use as feedstock to produce Vega's green energy alternative to traditional coal. 

Hemp Legalization Trend To Drive Tobacco Stocks

Seeking Alpha
  • Tobacco stocks stand to benefit better than any other big business from the highest potential growth industry in America, that of hemp.
  • From production and packaging to marketing, Big Tobacco is already equipped to own and operate the promising and swiftly legalizing cannabis industry.
  • Hemp is the largest opportunity because hemp has historically been the lifeblood of the world economy, including America from its colonial days to 1937 and then during WW II.
  • Legislation filed in both houses of Congress would exclude hemp from the legal definition of marijuana.
  • PM is most in need of a strategy overhaul due to currency losses.

Missouri House Committee Passes Bill to Legalize Hemp Farming, Effectively Nullify Federal Ban

Tenth Amendment
Introduced by Rep. Paul Curtman, House Bill 830 (HB830) not only designates industrial hemp as an agricultural crop, it also includes all the structural framework needed to get the hemp market up and running in the state.

Hemp store to open in Lake George

Visitors to Granny's High Altitude Super Hemp store will find owners Karen Kinne and Jo Dee Weaver eager to tell all about the many uses of the plant. Bath soaps that leave you feeling like you've had a 90 minute massage, hemp and cotton blend bathrobes that get softer the more you wash them.

What you need know about hemp seeds

Mother Nature Network
Besides all the other innovative uses it provides, hemp also has been dubbed a superfood of sorts. Hulled hemp seeds expose the white inner meat, known as hemp hearts or hemp nuts. Hemp protein powder, ground up and ready to be added to smoothies and soups, is an excellent source of plant-based protein that is free of gluten and lactose.

Bill to Allow Industrial Hemp Cultivation Passes in New Mexico

The Daily Chronic
The House voted 54-12 on Friday to approve Senate Bill 94, the Industrial Hemp Farming Act, which was passed in the Senate earlier this month on a 33-8 vote. 

The Industrial Hemp Farming Act, would allow for the New Mexico Department of Agriculture to provide for the growing of industrial hemp for research and development purposes. And, upon passage of the legalization of hemp, the provision will permit growing of industrial hemp by New Mexicans issued a license by the department.

Proposed bill focuses on hemp industry framework

News Miner
Senate Bill 8 aims to take advantage of greater federal leniency to set up state regulations for the industry, including licensing of hemp growers and clarifies that hemp is separate from the recently legalized marijuana.

March 18, 2015

VA Tech to Assist State in Research Production and Use of Industrial Hemp

The Roanoke Star
Virginia Tech will be able to begin research on growing industrial hemp in the commonwealth as a result of a new state law and the establishment of an industrial hemp research program by the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services.

Hemp coffee perculating

Jamaica Observer
THE Ricardo Keith-controlled Why the Hemp Not brand will increase its line of hemp products while awaiting regulatory approval to restart selling hemp coffee.

Concurrently Green Hills Distributors, its affiliated distribution arm, recently added over two dozen products to its expanding network that covers Kingston and Mandeville.

Yasheng Group Announces Hemp Contract Farming Program

Yahoo! Finance
Yasheng Group (OTCQB: HERB), a high-growth diversified China-based agricultural conglomerate with U.S. headquarters in Redwood City, California, today announced a hemp contract farming program for the Spring 2015 growing season. The program was created to allow customers to pre-order a variety of hemp products such as hulled seed, stalk, and fiber by the acre.;_ylt=A0LEVkAkqAlVCFUAfHMnnIlQ

Hemp, Inc. Asks for Your Support for Senate Bill 134 and House Bill 525

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Hemp, Inc., (HEMP), Great Southern Hemp Company and The Twilight Brigade representatives are now politically invested in seeing that the Industrial Hemp Bills are finally passed into law. In fact, they are so invested they traveled to Washington, D.C. last week to meet with over 20 members of the House and Senate.

For over forty years, patriotic Americans have been undaunted in expanding their grass-roots movement to get the UNITED STATES Government to recognize the limitless benefits of AMERICAN-grown industrial hemp. OUR GOAL TO GAIN OUR GOVERNMENT'S ATTENTION, THROUGH LAWFUL PROTESTS AND ORGANIZED MARCHES, HAS NOT YET BEEN ACHIEVED. WE NEED YOUR VOICE...A LOUD VOICE! Now, in 2015, the Hemp, Inc. Group is leading this grassroots movement into a political arena that leads STRAIGHT to The White House!

North Dakota Lawmakers Vote to Legalize Industrial Hemp

The Daily Chronic
The North Dakota state Senate voted overwhelmingly Monday to give final approval to a bill authorizing the farming, production, and sale of industrial hemp in the state.

The Senate voted 46-1 Monday to approve House Bill 1436, which passed 87-5 in the House last month, sending the bill to the desk of Gov. Jack Dalrymple.

HB 1436 sets up the framework for state agriculture officials to establish a hemp farming program in the state, and eliminates any need for federal approval for the program to begin.  The bill reads, in part: “A license required by this section is not conditioned on or subject to review or approval by the United States drug enforcement agency.”

A Skateboard 3D Printed with Hemp? Lotus Boards Among Those Bringing Hemp to 3D Printing Materials

Brian Westphal, the founder of Lotus Boards, a startup aimed at producing the world’s first “hemp plastic skateboard,” thinks hemp is a material ripe for a rebirth.

NoCo Hemp Expo: Three can’t-miss highlights from the April 2015 event

The Cannabist
Here are three highlights from the second annual NoCo Hemp Expo schedule:
  • Author Doug Fine. A leading contemporary hemp academic and lifestyle practitioner, Fine is promoting his latest book, “First Harvest: Game on for the Hemp Industry.” The book is being printed on hemp-composite paper.
  • Hemp sports car. As part of Renew Sports Cars’ goal to create 100 percent carbon-neutral automobiles, the Florida company is building vehicles with hemp composite frames that also run on hemp ethanol. Its rebuilt 1997 Miata will be on display at the expo.
  • Hemp artists. Muralist Tommy Nahulu — well known for painting a beloved Johnny Cash mural on the east side of the bar at 314 E. 13th Ave., which stood there from shortly after the iconic Man in Black died in 2003 until that watering hole changed ownership and underwent rebranding in 2012 — will be among the artists painting or sketching on hemp canvas during the expo.
“If you’re interested in hemp and want to find out what you make with it and do with it,” Beegle says, “this is your event.”
Tickets for the second annual NoCo Hemp Expo start at $15 at

Hemp May Be the Future of Flying

If all goes according to schedule, the four-seater plane—which will be made of no less than 75 percent hemp, and will run on hemp-based bio-fuel—will make its maiden flight sometime this fall or next spring from Kitty Hawk, N.C., site of the Wright Brothers’ historic take off. It’s the first part of Derek Kesek’s broader vision to help get industrial-hemp use off the ground and why he chose to make a plane rather than, say, a hemp motorcycle: It’ll get noticed.

Hemp-oil sales begin, despite medical-marijuana ban

The Des Moines Register
His company, Heartland Hemp, has a website from which customers can buy the oil. A local TV station did a glowing feature story in which a customer touted how the oil reduced her daughter's seizures. A legislator even keeps a vial of the stuff on his Statehouse desk.

March 14, 2015

U.S. Leads World in Hemp Food, Beauty Sales

Nutritional Outlook
U.S. hemp product sales are growing fast. The Hemp Industries Association (HIA; Summerland, CA) estimates 21.2% retail sales growth in 2014 for hemp food and body care products, putting the 2014 total at $200 million. If other hemp-based products are added to the mix—clothing, auto parts, building materials, etc.—the total 2014 U.S. retail market is even higher at $620 million.

Hempcrete Could Launch a Green Building Revolution
The silver lining of government relaxation and decriminalization of marijuana is the comeback of industrial hemp. Our ancestors depended heavily on the wonders of hemp fibers for sail cloth, clothing and even paper. Hemp has been used throughout the ancient world continuing through to the 1940’s when the US government began their war on psycho active marijuana. One of the greatest modern marvels of this sustainable substance is the creation of a new form of concrete called hempcrete.

Ross' Gold(TM) Premium Organic Roasted Hemp Infused With CBD Now Available for Purchase

Yahoo! Finance
Ross' Gold™, a division of Green and Hill Industries Inc. (OTC PINK: GHIL) (the "Company"), today announced that Ross' Gold™ Premium Organic Roasted Hemp infused with CBD are now available for sale. This launch is part of the Company's licensing agreement with Canna Products USA (CP USA) who plan to distribute and sell the Ross' Gold™ Hemp and CBD (Cannabidiol) products to their customers through online channels and third party retail outlets in the USA.;_ylt=A0LEVvI9twRVnWIA4TMnnIlQ

Totally Hemp Crazy Inc. Clears Final Hurdles to Ship Product to

Yahoo! Finance
Totally Hemp Crazy Inc. (OTC PINK: THCZ) announced today that the product shipment of Rocky Mountain High hemp beverages has been palletized to specifications and now can be shipped to the three regional warehouses.;_ylt=A0LEVvI9twRVnWIA4DMnnIlQ

Retail Sales for Hemp Products Estimated at $620M

Honolulu Civil Beat
The hemp foods and body care retail market in U.S. alone enjoyed 21 percent growth last year.

March 11, 2015

Unanimous Vote Moves Industrial Hemp Bill Forward in New Hampshire

Tenth Amendment
A New Hampshire state House committee approved a bill last week that would remove the ban on industrial hemp in the state, effectively nullifying the federal prohibition on the same. The vote was 16-0.

Introduced by Elizabeth Edwards (D-Hillsborough), Laura Jones (R-Strafford), Robert Cushing (D-Rockingham), and Michael Sylvia (R-Belknap) on Jan. 8, House Bill 494 (HB494) opens the door for a full-scale commercial hemp market in the state by treating it as any other crop for farming. The bill reads, in part, that “industrial hemp shall not be designated as a controlled substance.”

Hemp, marijuana not the same

Victoria Advocate
Is hemp the same as marijuana? I love drinking organic hemp milk but do worry if I should be drug tested at work what would happen. I also put organic hemp seeds on my salads. Am I overdoing? Does it matter that it is organic?

Hemp, Inc. Gets Green Light From Nash County NC to Reassemble Its Decortication Line

Yahoo! Finance
Hemp, Inc. (HEMP) announced today that after months of waiting, its wholly owned subsidiary, Industrial Hemp Manufacturing, LLC has been given the green light by Nash county to proceed with the reassembly of its Temafa decortication line in North Carolina. In order to issue Hemp, Inc.'s subsidiary its agricultural exemption, the County required the engineering drawings for the line layout and a farm ID number. The company was issued its farm ID number from the North Carolina Department of Revenue and its engineering drawings for the line layout were approved.

March 8, 2015

RICHARD FAGERLUND: Cotton-alternative hemp needs no harmful pesticides to grow

Rio Rancho Observer

The state Legislature legalized hemp in certain conditions. Maybe it should have gone a bit further.

Almost 35 percent of the pesticides applied to cotton in the world are applied in cotton fields in the United States. In the U.S. alone, thousands of tons of pesticides and chemical fertilizers are applied to cotton fields each season.

TrendsPot: Apple Watch, The Body Shop, Ben & Jerry's

Smell the Truth
This week we Spring forward as a major mainstream brand boldly embraces hemp, Ben & Jerry’s goes cream-core, dabbers go super-high-end, and Rockstar Games finally gives us heists. Here’s this March’s TrendsPot.

Local Farmer Grows Hemp Business

An Eagle Point area farmer is the first person in the state to be licensed to grow industrial hemp. It’s the first time the crop has been grown in Oregon in 70 years. The seeds will have to be imported into Oregon from another country in order for operations to begin.

State regulators issued the license to Edgar Winters, a long-time industrial hemp advocate and the COO of Natural Good Medicines, located in Ruch, Ore. Winters is also the Director of Cannabis Research at Winterfox Farms.

25 acres is already tilled and ready for industrial hemp growing to begin in Rush.

Farmers, Industry Leaders Excited About Future of Industrial Hemp in Kentucky

Other groups germinating in the Kentucky hemp industry include Sunstrand LLC, which focuses on industrial fiber. There are many others cropping up. Stay tuned, says Graves, new developments are breaking on Kentucky soil.