December 13, 2014

Gift Guide for 2014 (Part 3): Make it a hempy holiday

The Cannabist
Hemp just make sense at the holidays.
Consider that:
• The spiritual boost of Ramadan mirrors the heightened wellness associated with using many hemp products.
• “Ujamaa,” the Kwanzaa principle of cooperative economics, mirrors the sense of social and economic responsibility that drives many hemp entrepreneurs.
• The strength and renewal embodied by the Hanukkah candles mirrors hemp’s nutritional potency.
• And the joy and love that characterize the best of Christmas traditions mirrors the way hemp has been pegged as a crop that can breathe an economic renaissance into struggling communities that have lost other viable industries.

People who prefer to abstain from winter holiday folderol altogether can take heart that when shopping hemp products, they are likely supporting a small, independent business, not to mention honoring the plant’s historic significance to humanity’s commercial and industrial development.
So here are five gift ideas to help you give hemp for the holidays (prices do not include shipping).

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