February 23, 2015

6 New Naturals in the Material ConneXion Library

Interior Design
Material: Biomattone.
Composition: Hemp and lime.
Manufacturer: Equilibrium.

When it comes to alternative fabrics, the go-to plant has been hemp. But we’re almost always talking about fibers from the outer part of the stem. Here, the woody inside of the stems produces a product much more robust than cloth. First, shavings are mineralized by hydraulically applied lime, which protects the fibers from decomposition and makes them noncombustible. The result is formed into bricks, which are put through a steam-based sterilization process. Requiring much less energy than traditional cinder block to manufacture, the bricks are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. They offer excellent thermal and acoustical insulation as well as moisture resistance. Size, color, and porosity can all be customized. 

Chocolate Strawberry Hemp Shake

The Raw Food World
For today’s recipe, hemp seeds can be added into the blender while making your shake and/or use them as garnish. And for this delicious recipe, I did just both!

The possibilities are ENDLESS!

Stars in a lather over Metro Vancouver woman’s natural soap

The Vancouver Sun
The stars will be scrubbing up with Corsus body care products made from sandalwood and hemp seed oil, mulberry, coffee, charcoal and lavender.

“We started getting tweeted out right away by celebrities and that’s what you are looking for,” she said.

Tauriga Sciences, Inc. Completes Manufacturing of CannaCaviar CBD Soft Gels

CNN Money
Tauriga Sciences, Inc. (OTCQB:  TAUG) ("Tauriga" or the "Company"), a diversified life sciences company with interests in the natural wellness sector and in developing a proprietary synthetic biology platform technology, announced today that it has manufactured its CannaCaviar line of cannabidiol (CBD) soft gels, which will be available for sale later this week.  CannaCaviar is Tauriga's second product that utilizes cannabidiol (CBD) oil extracted from non-GMO industrial hemp as its key ingredient.  The Company also sells TopiCanna, a proprietary topical medicinal cannabis cream. Many who have used topical cannabis creams have reported decreased musculoskeletal pain.  Both TopiCanna and CannaCaviar are designed to provide potential natural wellness and healing properties without psychoactive effects.

Will Hemp Get Over the Hump in Florida?

Public News Service
A table full of hemp products recently made for a strange sight inside Florida's Capitol building, especially when growing the plant here is illegal. 

The display was set up to promote new legislation to legalize and regulate the cultivation of hemp farming, for use in beauty care, food and other products. 

Universities are high on growing hemp

High Plains Journal
A research project that is being developed at Bradley University, in Indiana, combines hemp fiber, sawdust and cotton, bonded with a recyclable solvent to replace polypropylene, a plastic that is widely used to make car parts. Luke Haverhals, assistant professor of chemistry and biochemistry at Bradley, is working with Brent Tiserat, a researcher at the USDA, to find natural ways to make building materials. Imagine land that now grows pine trees for pulp wood being converted to growing hemp.

Russia’s Economic Self-Reliance: Yes to Hemp, No to GMO

Global Research
All new is well forgotten old. A promising venture, initiated by the Russian government in 2013, was the reappearance of hemp production in eastern Siberia – Buryat Republic and Altay. Historically speaking, Russian economy leant on cannabis, known as pen’ka, which was used in local industries as well as exported to Europe and the Americas: international trade in hemp profited Russians for centuries. Lately Russia’s Federal Drug Control Service has confirmed its plans for advanced farming of cannabis hybrids low in THC. Currently Russian hemp is processed for multiple purposes, including clothing, health care and defence.

Bill to legalize hemp farming in Maine gaining support

BDN Maine
“Maine has an opportunity to break into an emerging industry that will be of tremendous benefit to our state,” Rep. Deborah Sanderson, R-Chelsea, who introduced the measure, said recently. “Not only would it open new opportunities for farmers, it would also provide local sourcing for many products made from hemp. The fibers from hemp can be used in textiles, paper, insulation, building materials and composites for auto bodies.”

February 21, 2015

Infamous pot outlaw turns focus to utilitarian hemp

The difference between the two is now recognized by 20 states — which is a step forward in the legalization fight — but Florida is not one of them. Though there is only about .025 percent THC in hemp as compared to 25 percent in marijuana, hemp is illegal under the Controlled Substance Act.

But Clark, 74, wants to see it legalized soon — or at least in his lifetime.

“We're going to live in a better place once it gets legalized,” Clark says.

Myriad products can be made from hemp and its strong fibers, such as textiles and rope and biodegradable plastics and paper.

AXIM Biotechnologies, Inc. Announces Cosmetics Division

Yahoo! Finance
AXIM Biotechnologies, Inc. (AXIM), an industry leader in cannabinoid research and industrial hemp product development, is proud to announce that it has plans to revitalize the cosmetics industry with the launch of its new hemp cannabinoid-based Cosmetics Division.

World’s First Hemp Plane To Take Off From Kitty Hawk

2 Paragraphs
The Hemp Plane is a four-seat, two engine aircraft that can go about 210 miles per hour. The project, developed by former organic restaurant owner Derek Kesek, is currently in the funding stage. Kesek cites Richard Branson as an inspiration. “I want to build a spaceship and be up next to Richard Branson in space with hemp,” said Kesek, who plans to take off in the Hemp Plane from the historic site of Kitty Hawk.

EPA, CDPHE launch brainstorming for future of toxic Cotter mill

The Denver Post
During the meeting Thursday, hemp entrepreneur Gunn Haydon proposed planting hemp as a way to remove uranium and other toxic contamination at the site.

Hemp plants would clean soil to a depth of 3 feet, removing uranium and other heavy metals, and opening opportunities for the land.

Kansas bill would direct state to study industrial hemp

The Gazette
The Kansas Department of Agriculture would be tasked with cultivating and studying hemp under a bill before the state Legislature.

The House Agriculture and National Resource Committee will hold a hearing on the bill Monday. The measure would direct the department to grow and study hemp plants in conjunction with a state university.

PotStock Radio Interviews Hemp, Inc. CEO, Bruce Perlowin, Sunday, February 22, 2015 at 8:30pm EST

Yahoo! Finance
Be sure to tune in on:
Date: Sunday, February 22, 2015Time: 8:30pm ET to 10:00pm ETLink: http://potstockradio.com/potstockradio-com-w-bruce-perlowin-ceo-hemp-inc-hemp/
Twitter Hashtag: #potstockradio

North Dakota House Panel Votes 13-0 to Legalize Hemp Farming, Effectively Nullify Federal Ban

Tenth Amendment
By a unanimous 13-0 vote yesterday, a North Dakota state House committee approved a bill that would authorize the farming, production, and sale of industrial hemp in the state, effectively nullifying the federal prohibition on the same.

Introduced by Reps. David Monson and Alan Fehr and Sen. Tom Campbell, House Bill 1436 (HB1436) not only sets up the framework to effectuate a commercial hemp farming program in the state, it expressly rejects any need for federal approval before growing hemp in the state. It reads, in part: “A license required by this section is not conditioned on or subject to review or approval by the United States drug enforcement agency.”

Rez Should Say No to Pot—But A Huge YES to Hemp

Indian Country
However, industrial marijuana (hemp) is another story. In a world where environmental and exploration costs of fossil fuels has become increasingly burdensome, hemp has the potential to find a market niche here and abroad. Industrial hemp has less than 1% THC content (the stuff that gets one high) and its tough, fibrous stalk had many uses. Historically—and before the turn-of-the-century demonization of hemp and marijuana by the lumber and petroleum industries—it was used for ropes, building material, even dry wall, and is a sustainable source for cloth and paper.


mCig, Inc. Announces New Product Launch of Ultra-Pure CBD Hemp Vape

mCig® Inc. (OTCBB:MCIG), a leading provider of advanced technologies and solutions to the global cannabis industry, is excited to announce the official start of CBD product line releases and the launch of a new website specifically geared for vaporizer users at: www.justCBDoil.com. mCig is unveiling its new CHILL! Just CBD Oil Vape Pen at the Academy Awards Celebrity Gift Suite, where the product, along with accessory kits will be handed out to A-list celebrity guests and awards nominees for sampling Sat., February 21st.

As Marijuana Legalization Continues, Industrial Hemp Legalization May Be Next

International Business Times
Kentucky farmer Andy Graves recently brought his father to see the latest crop on the family farm. Moments before the 89-year-old saw the plants, he could smell them.

“When my dad walked back to see the first fields, his eyes just lit up,” Graves says. “He said the smell was so distinct. There’s no other smell like hemp.” 

A revolutionary way to make your own almond milk, oat milk, hemp milk and soy milk for mere pennies

Natural News
Nut milks are extremely popular among health-conscious consumers, but the mass-produced nut milks sold at the store all suffer from two critical problems in their ingredients: carrageenan and calcium carbonate.

February 19, 2015

Yusuke Seki showcases fragile hemp textiles across banks of metal rods

The show celebrated the release of a new fabric made from woven hemp – a material made from cannabis plant fibres that was once widely used in Japanese garments, but saw a sharp decline after the prohibition of cannabis in the 1930s.

Hemp Legalization Bill Passed By Virginia Legislature

The Weed Blog
“I am thrilled with the progress this bill has made and the support it gained since its beginnings eight months ago,” says Delegate Joseph Yost, the bill’s primary sponsor. “Hemp is good for agriculture, it is good for the environment and is good for jobs”. Yost explains that the bill “sets up the necessary framework for Virginia to begin immediately moving forward on researching industrial hemp and eventually moving towards full commercialization.”

THCZ's Rocky Mountain High Hemp Beverages Produced Yesterday by Cold Spring Brewing Company

Yahoo! Finance
Totally Hemp Crazy Inc. (OTC PINK: THCZ) announced today that Cold Spring Brewing Company has produced the Company's Rocky Mountain High Hemp Beverage Drinks. The Cold Spring Brewing Company was built at the site of the spring and the water has been the basis of award winning brews for over 125 years. In addition, the brewery has become the #1 energy drink and specialty drink producer in the country. The Hemp-Infused Lemonade, Hemp-Infused Iced Tea and Hemp-Infused Energy Drink were produced yesterday and palletized for easy shipment to distributors and destinations such as the regional warehouses of Amazon.com. 

1st Annual Ascent Expo in Los Angeles to Unite Impressive Group of Cultural Creatives

Yahoo! Finance
Hemp, Inc. (HEMP) is sponsoring the 1st Annual Ascent Expo at the Los Angeles Convention Center, February 27 -- March 1, 2015. The Ascent Expo, produced by eWorld Media (EWRC), is an assemblage of cultural creativity, conscientious capitalism, and philanthropy to explore the future of commerce, sustainability, environmentalism, health, and self-actualization. To date, the red carpet event is expected to bring in over 200 exhibitors and over 25,000 attendees and will include a center stage for A-list musical talent.

Potential for industrial hemp development

According to both national and state pioneers, West Virginia may be on the cusp of developing a new industry that will help position the central Appalachian state as a national leader in developing this emerging sector. Supported by numerous cosponsors in Washington, the Industrial Hemp Farming Act is setting the national stage for opening up this emerging industry’s potential within the global arena.

Event will demonstrate hemp processing

The Berry Farming and Ecological Agrarianism Program at St. Catharine College will host a hemp decortication (processing into fiber material) demonstration on Friday. The event is public and open to those interested in learning about last year’s Homegrown By Heroes crop and textile research project conducted through the partnership of Patagonia, Fibershed, Bastcore, Freedom Seed and Feed, and the Kentucky Department of Agriculture (KDA).

Industrial hemp bill being discussed in Arizona Senate Committee

Brought in front of an Arizona senate committee Monday, the bill, SB 1225, proposes bringing together a 10 person study group to look at the benefits and economic opportunities of industrial hemp production.

Southern Oregon medical marijuana growers fear industrial hemp could ruin their crops

Oregon Live
Southern Oregon marijuana growers want to ban industrial hemp production from the region out of fear that hemp may pollinate their crops and render them worthless.

Some outdoor marijuana growers want industrial hemp cultivation to be limited to eastern Oregon - far from their lucrative marijuana crops. At the very least, they don't want hemp in Josephine, Jackson and Douglas counties.

February 16, 2015

Did George Washington Use Medical Marijuana?

The Daily Beast
Before “Choom Gang” Obama or “I didn’t inhale” Clinton, the first president likely smoked pot.
Presidential aspirants smoking pot, states growing hemp for industrial use—2015 sounds a lot like 1776.

In fact, America’s first president may have been one of the nation’s original users of medicinal marijuana.

Philly420: Founding Fathers would support Pa. hemp bill

"I am very glad to hear that the Gardener has saved so much of the St. foin seed, and that of the India Hemp. Make the most you can of both, by sowing them again in drills. . . Let the ground be well prepared, and the Seed (St. loin) be sown in April. The Hemp may be sown any where. "

George Washington wrote those lines in 1794 while he served as the first U.S. President and lived at the corner of 6th and Market Streets here in Philadelphia.

February 14, 2015

AXIM Biotechnologies, Inc. Announces Hemp-Based Oral Care Division

Yahoo! Finance
AXIM Biotechnologies, Inc. (AXIM), an industry leader in cannabinoid research and commercial hemp product development, is proud to announce that it is launching a hemp-based Oral Care Division.

The Company has filed a provisional patent relating to the unique formulation of its cannabinoid-containing oral care products. These formulations will target the daily use market as well as remedies for use in resolution of oral care infections and gum diseases.

Ross' Gold(TM) Launches Hemp Division Aimed at Growing Hemp CBD Market

Yahoo! Finance
Ross' Gold™, a division of Green and Hill Industries Inc. (OTC PINK: GHIL) (the "Company"), today announced that it will be launching a Hemp Division called Ross' Gold™ Hemp, on the heels of signing a licensing agreement with Canna Products USA (CP USA) aimed at expansion of hemp product lines globally, through licensing and distribution agreements.

The Company has a number of deals signed with licensed producer applicants in Canada, indirectly through a master licensee LP applicant, and is waiting on regulatory approval for said applicants. As this process is taking longer than expected, the Company has strategized other opportunities in the hemp and CBD industry, and is looking to the United States as an emerging leader in the hemp, health and wellness market.

Farmers denied high-value hemp crop

NZ Farmer
Canterbury growers have struck another roadblock for growing hemp seed as authorities remain uneasy about its closeness to its drug cousin.

Health ministers from New Zealand and Australia met in Auckland last month to consider a recommendation from Food Standards Australia New Zealand that governments change the food law to enable hemp seed to be grown for human consumption.

Grower hopes hemp growing would be made more freely available to them were dashed when this was rejected because of transport concerns.

February 13, 2015

How Did Hemp Become D.C.’s Bipartisan No-Brainer?

The Daily Beast
As cultural predispositions toward marijuana slowly yet inexorably shift, hemp is finding itself again in the spotlight because of its connection to pot, only this time it’s in a good way. While it may be a while before you can legally procure pot in your local bodega, the political push for the legal production of hemp is on, at both a state and federal level. And, proving yet again what a miraculous material is it, hemp is the one thing that seems able to garner bipartisan support.

February 11, 2015

Gala Global to Finalize Initial Hemp "CBD" Products

iStock Analyst
Gala Global, Inc. (OTCQB:GLAG) today announced it has finalized the initial CBD products. The initial products will based on flavored infused CBD Oral Thin Film Strips. Gala Global's products will feature a 13 mg Flavored CBD Oral Thin Film Strip and a 25 mg Flavored CBD Oral Thin Strip that will address the dietary supplement market. The CBD products will be scientifically formulated for maximum nutritional benefits and will produced in an FDA Certified GMP facility to ensure the repeatable high quality standards. The products will be finalized and ready for market introduction upon analytical testing to be completed.

Green Cures & Botanical Distribution Inc. announces launching of Rico Suave is on schedule

IT Business Net
Green Cures & Botanical Distribution Inc. (OTC Pink: GRCU) ("Green Cures"), a cannabis and industrial hemp products innovator, announced today that Rico Suave, a hemp infused energy drink/supplement is on schedule to launch on February 16, 2015.

Rico Suave is an energizing beverage that offers a special fusion of hemp and taurine. Rico Suave is uniquely formulated to stimulate the energy driven individual in need of a quick and effective boost, both physically and mentally. Hemp is naturally high in protein and rich in Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids, which the body needs for optimal skin health, energy production, immune system support, and brain development.

Year of Hope for Hemp

Honolulu Civil Beat
Last week, a constituent shared with me a very special February 1938 issue of Popular Mechanics. Inside the tan pages and tattered edges, along with other articles on the cutting edge technologies of its time, is an article on hemp, the “New Billion Dollar Crop.”

With new technologies, it was highly profitable to move ahead in 1938 with the industrial use of hemp. The article states, “[hemp] will displace imports of raw material and manufactured products produced by underpaid [laborers] and it will provide thousands of jobs for American workers throughout the land.”

Seventy-seven years have passed and the full potential for hemp production in the United States has remained dormant. Popular Magazine’s billion dollar estimate in 1938 calculates to $16.3 trillion today. The United States is the largest buyer of hemp worldwide for clothing, food, building materials, and more and imported $36.9 million of hemp products in 2013.  Our demand for hemp only increases over the years and we already have manufacturers that work with unprocessed hemp.

Senate panel advances bill to pave way for hemp production

Santa Fe New Mexican
A bill to legalize marijuana previously went down in flames, but a separate measure for commercial use of hemp in New Mexico breezed through its first legislative test Tuesday.

World Hemp Oil Partners With NutraCann to Offer Essence™ CBD Products, Comparable to Charlotte's Web, Legal Nationwide

Yahoo! Finance
World Hemp Oil (www.worldhempoil.com), a retailer and wholesaler of CBD (Cannabidiol) oil, has partnered with NutraCann, to carry their Essence™ CBD products in its online store. Essence™ CBD is a high concentration, all-natural, Cannabidiol-rich Hemp Oil which is now offered as an oil tincture, a vaporizing liquid, a concentrated paste and in capsule form. World Hemp Oil offers wholesale pricing for each product in packages of 10, 50 and 100.

Production of THCZ's Rocky Mountain High Hemp-Infused Drinks on Schedule for Next Week Along With the Launch of New Commerce Website

Yahoo! Finance
Totally Hemp Crazy Inc. (OTC PINK: THCZ) announced today that the Company is on schedule for the production run of the new Rocky Mountain High Hemp-Infused Beverage drinks. The Lemonade, Iced Tea and Energy Drink will go thru final Quality Assurance testing this week at the production facility, and upon expected approval, will be produced early next week. 

Final details of the new commerce based THCZ website http://www.totallyhempcrazy.com/ are being completed and will feature a purchase portal that will utilize one of the most advanced fulfillment networks in the world, www.Amazon.com. The fulfillment agreement with Amazon will include Amazon inventorying the products in their fulfillment centers. Amazon will pick, pack, ship, and provide customer service for these great tasting products. 

Mountain High Acquisitions Corp. Completes Acquisition of CBD Hemp Oil Nutraceutical Developer GreenLife BotaniX, Inc.

Yahoo! Finance
"The rapidly growing nutraceutical market combined with recent changes in legislation regarding hemp and CBD, and the recent explosion of consumer and media interest in hemp and CBD products has created an incredible opportunity for companies that can successfully execute their business strategies in this new space," commented Alan Smith, President of Mountain High. "GreenLife's strong and experienced management team is well on their way to capitalizing on this opportunity with a substantial current catalog of unique CBD hemp oil products and is poised to launch several more groundbreaking products in the near future. Everyone at Mountain High is looking forward to working closely with Brent, Marcus, and the entire GreenLife team, to build GreenLife and their SuperCBD brand into a nationally recognized leader in CBD hemp oil nutraceuticals." 

Washington's smoke signals: History of hemp

Bonnie Lake Courier-Herald
With the passage of I-502 in 2012, development of marijuana legislation and marijuana research has surged to unprecedented levels. In an attempt to clearly translate new laws and research, the Reporter and Courier-Herald will examine these issues in a four-part series. Part three of this series tackles the history of hemp and the causality of marijuana prohibition.

Bill to Effectively Nullify Federal Ban on Industrial Hemp Passes Washington State Committee, 7-0

Tenth Amendment
By a unanimous 7-0 vote today, a Washington state House committee approved a bill that would authorize the farming, production, and sale of industrial hemp in the state, effectively nullifying the federal prohibition on the same.

House Bill 1552 (HB1552) was introduced by Rep. Matthew Shea (R-Spokane Valley) and fifteen co-sponsors. It not only designates industrial hemp as an “agricultural product” as Senate Bill 5012 (SB5012), a similar bill that recently passed the state Senate does, it also includes all the structural framework needed to get the hemp market up and running in the state.

“Industrial hemp is used in many ways, from hemp milk to hempcrete, which is a mold- and fire-resistant building material. Even our nation’s founding fathers grew hemp,” said Shea. “I introduced House Bill 1552 to legalize industrial hemp in Washington and create a new industry with jobs and a positive impact on our state’s economy.”

State’s first industrial hemp license goes to a Southern Oregon man

Capital Press
A man who was issued the first state permit to grow industrial hemp said he and a nonprofit group of growers and activists hope to plant a 25-acre field in Southwest Oregon this spring.

Edgar Winters, of Eagle Point, Ore., who describes himself as director of the Oregon Agriculture Food & Rural Consortium, acknowledged there are problems obtaining seeds for planting and other complications, but said he is optimistic. Winters also said warehousing and processing facilities will be ready to go when a crop is harvested in late summer.

Bills seek to spawn hemp industry in Maine

Portland Press Herald
“We have people in this state who are ready to make capital investments – real investments – in this (hemp) industry, capital investments that will create jobs and inject money into this economy,” said Rep. Deb Sanderson, R-Chelsea, sponsor of one of the two bills. “All the pieces are in place with the people behind them, ready to go with the flip of a switch.”

February 8, 2015

Hemp, Inc. Reports Ten Reasons Why "Hemp is Hot"

Yahoo! Finance
Hemp, Inc. (HEMP), a leader in the industrial hemp industry today reports on current material events happening in the industrial hemp industry. Bruce Perlowin, CEO of Hemp, Inc. says, "The resurgence of producing industrial hemp in America is quite evident across the nation. All of these events are part of a process for full legalization. The economic benefit is undeniably strong for everyone. Just over the last week, alone, we've seen bills introduced, formal debates, and political support... all focused around industrial hemp." According to recent industry news in the past week alone, "Hemp is Hot".

Cavan Enters Into a Non-Disclosure and Standstill Agreement for Hemp Grain Production in Canada

Cavan Ventures Inc. (CVN) ("Cavan" or the "Company") has entered preliminary discussions with a private corporation to supply and manage 12,000 acres or approximately 18,000,000 lbs. annually of conventional hemp grain production. The hemp grain production will be contracted with farmers located in Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. 

Hemp Has Friends in High Places

Honolulu Civil Beat
Imported hemp products — there’s no other way to get them in the United States — represented a $580 million market in 2013 “with double-digit annual growth,” according to Eric Steenstra, executive director of the Hemp Industry Association.

Politico says hemp is already legal to produce in at least 30 countries, including the one immediately to our north.

Oregon Department Of Agriculture Adopts Industrial Hemp Rules

The Weed Blog
The Oregon Department of Agriculture has adopted administrative rules that allow for industrial hemp production and create a framework for a new agricultural industry in the state. The rules define production and handling requirements while establishing a permit and licensing process for growers of industrial hemp, which includes fees associated with ODA’s program. With the adoption of the rules, ODA is expecting a crop to be planted this spring as permits will soon be issued.

Global Hemp Group Announces Consulting Agreement with Green Dot Consulting, Inc.

Street Insider
GLOBAL HEMP GROUP INC. is pleased to announce it has entered into a mutual consulting agreement with Green Dot Consulting, Inc. ("GDC"), of Burbank, California, an experienced leader in cannabis industry education; data analytics; legislation; product & business development; extractions, genetics and more. The GDC team has a long and successful track record building brands like Cannabis Career InstituteTM, CannaTrendsTM, CannaJobsTM and many others.