November 30, 2014

Green winter clothes: Stay warm and save the planet

While not as good at insulation, organic fair trade cotton can be used to make soft and cozy items like track suits and flannel pajamas without compromising your beliefs. Hemp (yes, it's made from the stems of cannabis sativa) is the rising star of the eco-friendly fabric world, due to its many virtues, including sustainability, durability, light weight, and absorbency. This latter quality makes it a good choice for warm winter clothes.

Marley's cannabis brand raises concerns locally and abroad

Jamaica Gleaner
Just over two weeks ago, Privateer Holdings, a Seattle-based company, broke news of a partnership with the Marley family that will see them using the late icon's name to market its brand of cannabis products. Under the moniker Marley Natural, Privateer Holdings will sell premium cannabis products, including cannabis and hemp-infused lotions and balms as well as handcrafted accessories.

Marijuana in the modern world-- 'Too High To Fail'
The long-standing Drug War of the modern era is equally rooted in the miasma of corruption, racism, and the almighty dollar. At the epicenter of the decades-old drug policy is that controversial and ancient plant, marijuana, or as author, Doug Fine insists on calling it in his recent book, “Too High To Fail” —cannabis. Cannabis, pot, marijuana, hemp, or whatever moniker it is given, the controversial herb has a legacy of well over five thousand years of human usage. The book uses the example of cannabis growers in Mendocino County, California to represent the larger picture of what is at the center of the contentious and shifting debate on marijuana’s status—both medical and recreational—in America.

November 28, 2014

Naturally Splendid Announces Terms of Proposed Private Placement Financing

Yahoo! Finance
Naturally Splendid Enterprises (the "Company") (TSX VENTURE:NSP) (NSPDF) (50N.F) is pleased to announce that its board of directors have approved a proposed private placement offering of up to 6,000,000 units (the "Units") at a price of $0.25 per Unit for gross proceeds of $1,500,000 (the "Offering").

Each Unit will be comprised of one common share of Naturally Splendid and one-half of one common share purchase warrant ("Warrant"), with each whole Warrant entitling the holder to purchase one additional common share at $0.40 per share for a period of two years from the date of the issue. Naturally Splendid will have the right to accelerate the expiry date of the Warrants if, at any time, the average closing price of Naturally Splendid's common shares is equal to or greater than $0.50 for 10 consecutive trading days. In the event of acceleration, the expiry date will be accelerated to a date that is 30 days after Naturally Splendid issues a news release announcing that it has elected to exercise this acceleration right.

RheTech to commercialize hemp fibers to replace glass in PP

Plastics News
RheTech Inc. plan to commercialize its first hemp fiber compounds in January.

Whitmore Lake, Mich.-based RheTech now is developing applications for grades of its RheVision product line that combine hemp fibers with polypropylene, business development director Jim Preston said in a recent phone interview.

AXIM Biotechnologies Delivers Net Negative Carbon Footprint With All-Natural Industrial Hemp

AXIM Biotechnologies (OTC:AXIM) proudly announces its strategic focus: bring to market global innovative solutions that set the "green standard" in the industrial hemp industry. 

The industrial hemp plant is documented for its inherent capability of producing more than 25,000 finished products. AXIM Biotechnologies' business model harnesses the power of industrial hemp to benefit human health, provide alternative energy and deliver many other innovative applications. The Company develops strategic partnerships and acquisitions, allowing ongoing research and development in functional foods, nutraceuticals, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and clean energy.

Health ministry confirms amendments will enable industrial hemp growing
The Croatian Health Ministry on Friday confirmed officially to Hina that a public debate on a bill of amendments to the Act on the Prevention of Drug Abuse had been completed and that the bill would enable the growing of hemp for industrial purposes.

The Health Ministry said that Minister Sinisa Varga, during a visit to Zabok on Thursday afternoon, said that the legalisation of hemp was not being prepared, having misunderstood a reporter's question and thinking that he was being asked about the legalisation of the growing of Indian hemp (Cannabis indica) and not industrial hemp.

Shaved Brussels Sprout Salad with Hemp and Orange

everyday Health
3 cups (270 g) Brussels sprouts
2 cups (40 g) arugula
1 orange
1 avocado
¼ cup (35 g) shelled hemp seeds
3 tablespoons olive oil
2 tablespoons lemon juice
1 teaspoon agave or maple syrup
Sea salt and freshly ground black pepper

Exhibit Details Kentucky's Twisted History With Hemp

Megan Mummey, a collections management archivist at the University of Kentucky, discusses a history of hemp exhibit at the Margaret I. King Library.

From keystone cash crop to banned substance surrounded in suspicion, hemp has long been a part of Kentucky’s story.  

A new exhibit at the Margaret I. King Library tells chronicles that saga through rare photos, documents, and artifacts.    


Hemp finding new customers as a source of alternative protein

The Western Producer
It’s a good time to be an alternative protein.

A reputation for being “overall wholesome” is also helping hemp products find a hungry market, a consumer market analyst told the Canadian Hemp Trade Association annual convention Nov. 18.

“We are seeing an increasing number of consumers who are looking for an alternative source of protein,” Svetlana Uduslivaia of Euromonitor International said.

Hemp has multiple human food uses, including protein powders, protein meal, dietary supplements, functional foods and healthy-seeming foods.

Growing interest in growing hemp crops

In 2013, over 66,000 acres were licensed to cultivate hemp, a nearly 10-fold increase from 2003, according to the Canadian Hemp Trade Alliance.

“It’s a crop that there’s growing interest in it. Especially as canola’s starting to slump so bad,” says Harry Brook, crop specialist with Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development.

But farmers can’t throw a little hemp in the rotation last minute. “If you’re planning to grow any hemp at all, you need to get your ducks in a row early,” says Brook.

Support to grow industrial hemp in Indiana gains steam

A crowd gathered here to watch Bringing It Home, a documentary about the industrial hemp industry.
The 55-minute movie discussed the uses of hemp in textiles, food and building materials, as well as the regulations preventing U.S. farmers from growing it. 

“We’re getting all our hemp seed from Canada and all our (hemp) fiber from China,” said Jamie Campbell, president of the Indiana Hemp Industries Association. “China is the leading exporter of hemp; we’re the leading importer. 

“We believe that our farmers deserve the opportunity to grow hemp. We have land and engineers — so why can’t we manufacture it here? I look to Howard County — you have the tools and everything right here. The job market needs you.”

Cavan Enters Into a Non-Disclosure and Standstill Agreement for Agricultural Lands in the Philippines

Cavan Ventures Inc. (CVN) ("Cavan" or the "Company") has entered preliminary discussions with a private arm's length vendor regarding 150 hectares of agricultural land in the Philippines. The agricultural land is located approximately 3.5 hours from Manila, the Philippines' largest port and capital city. 

The Company intends to begin its due diligence analysis of the agricultural land immediately, particularly as to its suitability for the construction of a hemp cultivation and manufacturing plant for hemp and cannabinoid products. As previously announced (see the Company's news release on March 25, 2014, and the clarifying news release on November 24, 2014), the Company intends to diversify its operations into the hemp and cannabinoid industry.

November 25, 2014

Epilepsy Seizures Drop 50% in Cannabidiol Study

Yahoo! Finance
A new study from Orrin Devinsky, MD, of the New York University School of Medicine, suggests that Cannabidiol (CBD) may radically reduce seizures in patients with epilepsy.

Dr. Devinsky administered cannabidiol to 23 patients with treatment-resistant epilepsy. Thirty-nine percent of the patients saw their seizure rates drop by more than 50%. Four patients (17%) had no seizures for the last month of treatment.

FutureWorld (FWDG) to Deposit 10,000,000 HempTech Shares In Shareholders' Trust for Spin-Off

Yahoo! Finance
FutureWorld Corp. (OTCQB; FWDG), a leading provider of advanced technologies and solutions to the global cannabis industry, announces today that it is depositing 10,000,000 shares of common stock of HempTech, Inc. ("HempTech") with a trust formed for the benefit of holders of FutureWorld' common stock. HempTech ( is a wholly owned subsidiary of FutureWorld based in Saint Petersburg, FL. HempTech is a technology division catering to the cultivators of industrial hemp market and legal medical marijuana. HempTech provides cutting edge technologies that allows cultivators to securely collect, analyze and control every aspect of a horticultural operations; from "Seed to Sale" tracking to managing their electricity.

Converde Energy Inc. Formerly W2 Energy Inc. Receives Purchase Order and 20% Deposit from iKingdom Investments

Yahoo! Finance
Converde Energy Inc. formerly W2 Energy Inc. (OTC Pink: WTWO) (WTWO), is pleased to announce that it has received a $250,000.00 USD purchase order and a 20% deposit to develop a simultaneous grinding and extraction machine capable of extracting products from hemp and cannabis plants. The company has entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Delaware based iKingdom Investments Inc., for the creation of a Joint Venture (JV) that will specialize in the extraction of Terpenes, Cannabinoids and Fatty Acids from Hemp/Cannabis Plants. This system will differ from other extraction machines in the market, as it will be able to remove the products from the plants without high temperature or pressure. This method will allow the active ingredients in the plants remain in a more natural state without the extraction process denaturing the product.

Judge tosses out proposed guideline for 'Charlotte's Web'

Reddan is among thousands disappointed to learn that an administrative judge in Tallahassee has tossed out the Florida Department of Health's proposed guidelines for "Charlotte's Web," a strain of medical marijuana processed into a marijuana extract that is high in CBD, but low on tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC.  

The judge rejected the guidelines after finding issues with 13 proposals, most notably, the lottery system proposed for potential growers.  Florida Medical Cannabis Association challenged the guidelines.

Kentucky’s great hemp hope

Aljazeera America
Mike Lewis doesn't want to talk about marijuana. He is an organic farmer, the son of a retired federal agent, and he follows the law. 

"If you're gonna talk about drugs, you're going to have to leave my property," he said to the group of entrepreneurs and activists who had traveled to central Kentucky to see his farm, one of the few legal, private hemp operations in the country. The threat sounded serious, and with it, Lewis had everyone's attention. "We're here today to talk about building an industry."

FutureWorld's URVape (FWDG) Provides Shareholder Update

CNN Money
FutureWorld (OTCQB: FWDG), a U.S. Diversified Holding Company formed to capitalize on the burgeoning technology markets globally, announces the following letter to its shareholders from URVape subsidiary's new CEO, Daniel Montgomery:
Dear Shareholders: As the new CEO of URVape, Inc., I would like to introduce myself to all of our FutureWorld shareholders and provide an update on URVape's current business and events;

American Seed & Oil Company and World Hemp Oil Announce EpiVape(C) CBD Oil (Comparable to Charlotte's Web MMJ) Vaporizer Legal In All 50 States

Yahoo! Finance
The EpiVape(C) was inspired by World Hemp Oil founder and CEO Christopher Cain, who suffers spasms from a spinal cord injury and has been able to mitigate suffering with CBD oil therapy. CBD oil has been shown to reduce symptoms in neurological disorders such as epilepsy, Parkinson's, Multiple Sclerosis, and spinal cord injury. The company has a Crowdfunding campaign to finance commercialization of the vaporizer:
American Seed & Oil Company is an early mover in the emerging state-legalized Hemp and Medical Marijuana cultivation markets. The company was recently recognized by NPR as the largest hemp grower in Vermont. The company recently announced Medical Marijuana Pilots in two states - a first step toward commercialization of a larger operation, as evolving state and federal laws permit.

Hemp, Inc. Reports 2014 Third-Quarter Results and Company Update

Hemp, Inc. (OTC:HEMP) announced its third quarter 2014 results. "While our consulting business, in the first and second quarters generated significant upfront fees in the form of the various companies' restricted stock, Hemp, Inc.'s third quarter financial results reflected our massive shift in direction," said Bruce Perlowin, CEO of Hemp, Inc. (OTC:HEMP). "In the best interests of our shareholders and the company, we have refocused our company's mission on being the premier leader in industrial hemp processing which will inevitably align Hemp, Inc. as the premier supplier of Cannabidiols (CBDs) to the medical marijuana industry. Based on our long term commitment to our mission, we have not sought new consulting clients."

November 23, 2014

What is Hemp?

Live Science
The marijuana plant has many uses apart from drug use. A distinct variety of the Cannabis sativa plant, known as hemp, can be grown to maximize the fibers in the stalk of the plant or to maximize seed production. Hemp has a minimal amount — about 1 percent — of the psychotropic chemical THC.

The drill hall on Gaddy Street
It has gone from the scene for 60 years now, but the memories of that huge brick building on Gaddy Street North still lingers on for many folk and for a variety of reasons. We will refer to the history books for some of the story and personal memories, such as they are, for the rest. ...

Hart Part operated there for 10 years, and then sold to another implement company, Altman Taylor, and then the Oliver Plow Company made it its home. By the late 1920s, the Manitoba Cordage Co., or “The Hemp Factory” as we knew it, set up shop in the building. Hemp was deemed to be the wonder crop of the age, and their main product was locally-made binder twine, always in great demand for prairie farmers on their binders.

Photo Release -- Hemp, Inc. Subsidiary Finalizes the Purchase of Its 70,000 Square Foot Industrial Hemp Decortication Facility in North Carolina

Yahoo! Finance
Bruce Perlowin, CEO of Hemp, Inc. (HEMP) today announced its wholly owned subsidiary, Industrial Hemp Manufacturing, LLC, (IHM) has just purchased and secured its permanent facility for the Temafa decortication line of equipment. Located east of Raleigh at 1436 N. NC Hwy 581 in Spring Hope, NC, the facility encompasses two buildings totaling nearly 70,000 square feet that spans almost 7 acres. The first of this magnitude and caliber in the United States, the newly housed decortication equipment underscores Hemp, Inc.'s long-term commitment to creating economic value and sustainable, green products.;_ylt=A0LEV2HzNHJUBZ4AlIlXNyoA

Cannagrow Holdings, Inc. (CGRW) Establishes Itself As a Leader In Colorado's Expanding Cannabis Industry

Yahoo! Finance
As Cannagrow Holdings, Inc. (CGRW) further establishes itself in Colorado and strengthens its association with licensed cannabis growers in the region, cannabis measures voted into law on election day in several states should place CGRW in an ideal position to see substantial gains in a cannabis market that could prove to be far larger than anyone could have predicted over the next two to three years.;_ylt=A0LEV2HzNHJUBZ4AkolXNyoA

Ten Ways You Can Use Marijuana And Hemp

The Weed Blog
With most things in the world, the wonderful marijuana plant and hemp plant can be used for many different purposes. It is medical and industrial. With the right funding and some smart people who care about the planet, cannabis and hemp could be the most used plants in the world. Not only that but it would save us land and help to produce more oxygen, plus they grow far faster compared to it’s bark covered relative, the tree. So how can you use cannabis and hemp? Here’s ten ways that cannabis and hemp can be used in order to benefit the people of the world:

November 21, 2014

AXIM to build manufacturing facility for hemp-based products in Netherlands

AXIM Biotechnologies has selected the coastal city of Almere in the Netherlands, for its future hemp-based products manufacturing facility headquarters.

The company, which is focused on research, development and production of pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and cosmetic products, has executed an option agreement for a land purchase of a 5,328m² industrial land.

Currently, the company also holds a design and feasibility services agreement with a Dutch commercial real-estate developer G&S Bouw.

Hemp Trend Launches New Hemptique 100% Organic Hemp Bath Collection launches new Hemptique line of 100% organic bath products. The new products are created with organic hemp fibers, a strong material that according to Hemp Trend will keep bath linens strong for a long time, even with constant use.

Ubiquitech Software Corp Acquires - a Leading Global Hemp and Cannabis Product Website Featuring Popular Hemp and CBD Oil Products

Yahoo! Finance
Ubiquitech Software Corp. ( (OTC Pink: UBQU) (UBQU), an International Technology and Services company has acquired The acquisition fulfills a 12 month plan to expand into the growing Hemp, Cannabis, and Medical Marijuana industry. Ubiquitech's Blue Crush Marketing Group will provide with an "in-house" global marketing company to create awareness for the products and services.;_ylt=AwrBT8juvG9U33MAhslXNyoA

Naturally Splendid secures deal to license hemp and cannabinoid technologies

proactive investors USA and Canada
Naturally Splendid Enterprises (CVE:NSP)(OTCQB:NSPDF) has secured its agreement to license hemp and cannabinoid extraction and formulation technologies, positioning the company to capitalize on global growth trends in industrial hemp and marijuana products.

In a statement released after market Thursday, Naturally Splendid said its US subsidiary signed a "novation agreement" with Dublin-based Full Spectrum Laboratories and sister company Boreal Technologies.

Will hemp replace fish as the king of omega 3?

Food Navigator-Asia
As decades of unjustified prohibition and persecution continues to lose its grip, hemp is rapidly regaining the popularity it has held for millennia as a primary and sustainable source of life’s necessities—including omega 3 and 6 fatty acids.

Contribute To The Jack And Jeannie Herer Cannabis And Hemp Museum

The Weed Blog
The late Jack Herer is an icon in the marijuana and hemp world. Strains are named after him, books have been written about him, and now, there is an effort to create a cannabis and hemp museum in his honor. The effort is being led by his wife, who has started a crowd funding page dedicated to opening the Jack and Jeannie Herer Cannabis and Hemp Museum. Below is more information. You can donate at this link here:

Hi everybody. I’m Jeannie Herer and my husband was the late great Jack Herer, one of the founding fathers of the Cannabis Hemp movement and author of “The Emperor Wears No Clothes,” the bestselling book about the history and many uses of Cannabis Hemp. Please read it online free

2014 Gift Guide for Stoners: Hemp for the Holidays

The Daily Chronicle
Give the gift of hemp this year!  Ideal for any cannabis lover or the environmentally conscious on your gift list, hemp products make great gifts that are sure to be enjoyed for years to come due to their durability and sustainability. Be sure to check out the rest of our 2014 Holiday Gift Guide for even more great gift ideas for every stoner on your list!

Kentucky’s great hemp hope

Aljazeera America
Mike Lewis, a farmer who employs veterans on his farm, was recruited by Kentucky Agriculture Commissioner James Comer to join the state's hemp crusade.

New CBD Oil From Industrial Hemp is Comparable to Charlotte's Web, Legal In All 50 States

9&10 News
World Hemp Oil, an importer of oil extracted from industrial hemp containing low THC, announces they are now offering legal, organic oil with high CBD (cannabidiol) that is comparable to Charlotte's Web type strains grown in medical marijuana states. People suffering from epileptic seizures and symptoms from other neurological disorders, such as Parkinson's, MS, and spinal cord injury, no longer have to suffer waiting for US laws to pass, because imported CBD Oil Is legal in all states.

November 19, 2014

Uncharted territory - Colorado hashes out hemp for dryland farms

The Fence Post
Alfonzo Abeyta’s fields this summer in Antonito, Colo., looked much like they would any other season.

Despite the year’s low prices for feed and grain, the fifth-generation farmer and rancher planted 130 acres of sorghum, a reliable choice for the dry climate in Southern Colorado.

If Abeyta had his way, however, he would not have planted sorghum, alfalfa, wheat or any of the other expected crops for his region.

Prominex Resource Corp.: Update on Activities in Medical Marijuana and Hemp Industries

Yahoo! Finance Canada
Prominex Resource Corp. (the "Company" or "Prominex") (TSX VENTURE: PXR) announced that as a result of a review by the British Columbia Securities Commission, we are issuing the following press release to clarify the disclosure of our activities in the medical marijuana and hemp industries.

King Hemp

Santa Fe Reporter
Doug Fine believes that hemp will save humanity.

The New Mexico-based journalist, conservationist and activist is probably best known for his 2012 book Too High to Fail: Cannabis and the New Green Economic Revolution, which took an in-depth look at how a growing legal cannabis industry is revitalizing the economy.

In his latest study, Hemp Bound: Dispatches From the Front Lines of the Next Agricultural Revolution, Fine shifts his research to the potentials of marijuana’s non-psychoactive counterpart.

 Hemp can be used for everything from sustainable, non-GMO food to a new major energy source, and Fine argues that maximizing the plant’s cultivation can solve several of society’s burning issues all the while giving a bright, lucrative future to farmers in New Mexico and across the world. 

 “Hemp is really as big as your college roommate with the lava lamp claimed it was going to be,” Fine says. “Or perhaps a little bit bigger.”

Green party moves for full legalisation of hemp
The leader of the Green party ORaH and member of Parliament, Mirela Holy, on Wednesday submitted to Parliament a bill of changes to the Act on the Prevention of Drug Abuse which proposes enabling the growing, processing and use of hemp for industrial and medical purposes and for personal use and liberalising trade in hemp and hemp products.

Calculating the Enormous Potential of the Hemp Industry

Wall Street Cheat Sheet
“The crop right now is sellable,” Colorado hemp farmer Jim Denny told NPR reporters earlier this year. “I’ve already had people contact me on my website saying, ‘We know you’re growing stuff and we want to buy it from you already.’ And we haven’t even put it in the ground.”

What Denny is experiencing is called demand, and it’s one half of the most basic blocks of modern economics. The other, supply, is what he is trying to generate. And he’s not alone. The fact is, industrial hemp — which is a cousin of the marijuana plant, sans the psychoactive compound THC — is a potential gold mine for the agricultural industry. The problem is that so far, it’s been lumped together with marijuana and made out to be dangerous, when it is in fact no more dangerous than cotton or wood.

What Studies Say about Hemp CBD

Nutritional Outlook
In the United States, hemp is often confused with marijuana. It’s a consumer misconception that has, for decades, slowed the market potential for hemp in the food, dietary supplement, textile, and even lumber industries. The dietary supplement industry, in particular, has a lot to gain from hemp, and not just with hemp oil and hemp protein. A substance called cannabidiol (CBD) has shown nutritional potential for years, yet the taboo around Cannabis has kept CBD off the radar. Now, with hemp gaining a better reputation, it looks as though its little compound is finally poised for big market growth. And much of that growth could be in stress and anxiety formulas.

Farming hemp: it’s everything. Oil, protein, fibre, animal bedding, concrete, fuel . . .

The Western Producer
Yesterday was a cheerful day at the Canadian Hemp Trade Alliance annual conference here in Winnipeg.

It’s often cheery and positive at this conf in recent years, but I remark on the optimistic tone because hemp, more than almost any other crop on the Canadian Prairies, has had a rocky birth, rebirth, second death and second resurrection. It was originally banned in the early 20th century because of its dope-producing qualities, then came back in the 1990s, when low-THC varieties and lots of work allowed commercial hemp to be grown without the danger of crossing the two worlds of commercial crop and criminal underworld.

Industrial hemp production could begin next year In Tennessee
Industrial Hemp production in Tennessee is one step closer to becoming a reality. Tuesday, farmers and some retailers discussed a licensing and inspection program, which is required before the state can move forward.

Farmers are already growing Industrial Hemp in Kentucky. Jeff Davis is growing it on his farm in Christian County, Kentucky.

He was approached last spring about starting a pilot program to grow the plant in Kentucky.
"We need to try to boost the economy, and this has got so much potential,” Davis said.

Tennessee Farmers Ready to Grow Hemp

WTVC NewsChannel 9
With a decades-long ban on hemp production in Tennessee finally lifted, some farmers say they want to grow the crop but aren't used to the government oversight that comes with it.

The Tenn. Agriculture Department held a hearing Tuesday about proposed rules it hopes to finalize before spring planting. A hemp license would run $250 a year plus $2 per acre. Inspectors would be allowed in the field at any time to check levels of THC, which is the only real difference between hemp and its look-a-like cousin, marijuana. The farmer would even have to foot the bill at $35 an hour, including travel time. 

But Harold Jarboe, who plans to grow hemp in Maury County, says he doesn’t mind rules like notifying authorities two days ahead of transporting a crop.

Tennessee Farmers Are Stoked About Planting Hemp, But Not About Following The Rules

Nashville Public Radio
Some farmers are chafing at Tennessee’s tight regulation of hemp, sounding off at a hearing on the rules held by the Agriculture Department Tuesday.

The legislature dropped a decades-long ban on hemp production this year in an effort to revive an old Tennessee cash crop, but lawmakers left the finer details to the department, which hopes to finalize the rules in time for the first crops to go in the ground this spring.

While farmers like Linda Albright of Williamson County cheered when the state opened up hemp production, they aren’t used to this kind of oversight.

“We’ve been growing tobacco and corn and soy and all of this for years and years,” she said. “We’ve never had to apply for a license to grow it.”

November 17, 2014

Bio-burner heated in time for winter cold

WSPD Local 6
With the extreme cold, the heat is on a lot of our minds. You try and save as much as you can with your heating bill, but what about the more unconventional methods?

You may remember Murray State University harvested their hemp crop about a month ago. Well now, the students and staff are working hard to prepare that hemp to produce additional heat.