December 23, 2014

Hemp-based skincare company develops more products

The Taos News
Kristel McKanna and Montserrat Oyanedel — co-owners of the skincare company Nabis Naturals —  came from the longest and narrowest country in the world: Chile. ...

“We chose a good, affordable moisturizing serum as our first product,” Oyanedel said. “Skin care is a very competitive market, but we knew we had a winner — we would use hemp seed oil as the main ingredient, not just because of the recent (and not-so-recent) popularity of hemp, but also due to the many beneficial effects that its seed oil has on the skin: it reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and fights dryness as well.”

“That’s how Nabis Naturals was born,” said McKanna. “The name Nabis came from the scientific name of the plant cannabis. Of course, the serum is totally natural so it was a perfect fit.”

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