December 11, 2014

Hill Pharma Reports Approval of its Flagship Sport Nutrition Product, Hempeatein Pro(TM) with ac-11(R) for Sale in China

Yahoo! Finance
Hill Pharma Inc. announced today the approval in China of its next generation sport nutrition product Hempeatein Pro(TM) with ac-11(R).

Charles Dong, CEO of Hill Pharma Inc., said, "We dedicated substantial resources and man hours to expedite the approval process for Hempeatein Pro(TM) with ac-11(R). There is a demonstrated track record of support among Chinese consumers for innovative new products backed by science and we are confident that the established performance benefits of our plant-based proteins, combined with the scientific and clinically validated reparative qualities of ac-11(R) will become a favorite among active, health conscious Chinese adults. To reach these valued customers, we plan to target a host of selling channels, including retail and direct to consumer/MLM."

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