January 6, 2015

Why can't Texans grow hemp?

Shouldn't Texas farmers be allowed to grow and sell hemp?

Farmers in Colorado, and university researchers in both Kentucky and Colorado, recently harvested their first legal hemp crops, just months after Congress voted to allow hemp cultivation where permitted by state law. Congress acted soon after Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack suggested that the United States assist the Ukraine by purchasing hemp seeds.

Go to any supermarket and read the labels carefully: a surprising number of foods contain hemp seeds or hemp oil – even hemp milk for that bowl of cereal. In the drug store look for cosmetics, shampoos, and soaps containing hemp-seed oil. Entire shops sell only hemp clothing. A few years ago, a car fueled only by hemp-seed oil circumnavigated the United States. But none of that hemp was grown by American farmers. It was all imported from Canada, Europe (including the Ukraine), and China.


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