January 3, 2015

Hempcrete Workshop To Be Held In Portland, Oregon

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I have always wanted to learn how to make hempcrete and build with it. It’s a fascinating way to use the hemp plant. If you can afford it and live in the area, definitely check out this workshop for Hempcrete in Portland, Oregon. More details below:

Hempcrete is the healthiest possible building material for constructing a safe indoor  environment, and is also mold-resistant, rot-resistant, fire-resistant and pest-resistant.  Hempcrete is durable and recyclable, lasting hundreds of years; and is not only a carbon negative building material, but is also carbon sequestering. It has a high vapor permeability, thus it can absorb and release water, allowing it to respond to changing humidity levels in the air, creating a “breathable wall.” And no need for heating / cooling systems in Portland!

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