January 30, 2015

Congress Introduces Industrial Hemp Farming Act with Bi-partisan Support

“I’m excited to join with Representative Massie to introduce common-sense, bipartisan legislation that will once again allow American farmers to benefit from industrial hemp,” said Representative Jared Polis. “The federal ban on hemp has been a waste of taxpayer dollars that ignores science, suppresses innovation, and subverts the will of states that have chosen to incorporate this versatile crop into their economies. I am hopeful that Congress will build on last year’s progress on hemp research and pilot programs by passing the Industrial Hemp Farming Act to allow this historical American crop to once again thrive on our farmlands.”

“Because of outdated federal drug laws, our farmers can’t grow industrial hemp and take advantage of a more than $500 million market. We rely on imports to sustain consumer demand. It makes no sense,” said Representative Blumenauer. “Our fear of industrial hemp is misplaced – it is not a drug. It is time to pass the Industrial Hemp Farming Act and allow American farmers to cultivate this crop.” 

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