November 3, 2014

Earth Science Tech Enters Stage 2 of Research on Its Hemp Oil Enriched With CBD (Cannabidiol) on Immune Cells and Announces Multiple Patents and Clinical Trials of the CBD-Cannabinoid Compounds

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Earth Science Tech, Inc.  (OTCQB: ETST)  ("ETST" or "the Company"), a unique biotechnology company focused on nutraceuticals, bioceuticals and dietary supplements, today announced it has entered stage 2 of research on the effectiveness of its Hemp Oil Enriched with CBD (Cannabidiol) on Immune Cells at the College of Mathematics and Science at the University of Central Oklahoma (UCO) with the assistant dean Dr. Wei Chen. As initially stated ETST will continue to strive in order to be at the forefront of all natural products to increase overall health and wellness for consumers worldwide. To this end ETST is going to continue to research various formulations using all natural products to obtain additional research, testing, studies and claims. Furthermore ETST looks forward to updating the market with the results of the immune cell testing in the near term. On another note and as previously stated, ETST is very encouraged with the positive preliminary test results on the effects of ETST Hemp Oil Enriched with CBD-Cannabidiol on Animal Breast Cancer Cells and on Normal Cells.

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