November 25, 2014

American Seed & Oil Company and World Hemp Oil Announce EpiVape(C) CBD Oil (Comparable to Charlotte's Web MMJ) Vaporizer Legal In All 50 States

Yahoo! Finance
The EpiVape(C) was inspired by World Hemp Oil founder and CEO Christopher Cain, who suffers spasms from a spinal cord injury and has been able to mitigate suffering with CBD oil therapy. CBD oil has been shown to reduce symptoms in neurological disorders such as epilepsy, Parkinson's, Multiple Sclerosis, and spinal cord injury. The company has a Crowdfunding campaign to finance commercialization of the vaporizer:
American Seed & Oil Company is an early mover in the emerging state-legalized Hemp and Medical Marijuana cultivation markets. The company was recently recognized by NPR as the largest hemp grower in Vermont. The company recently announced Medical Marijuana Pilots in two states - a first step toward commercialization of a larger operation, as evolving state and federal laws permit.

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