November 19, 2014

Tennessee Farmers Ready to Grow Hemp

WTVC NewsChannel 9
With a decades-long ban on hemp production in Tennessee finally lifted, some farmers say they want to grow the crop but aren't used to the government oversight that comes with it.

The Tenn. Agriculture Department held a hearing Tuesday about proposed rules it hopes to finalize before spring planting. A hemp license would run $250 a year plus $2 per acre. Inspectors would be allowed in the field at any time to check levels of THC, which is the only real difference between hemp and its look-a-like cousin, marijuana. The farmer would even have to foot the bill at $35 an hour, including travel time. 

But Harold Jarboe, who plans to grow hemp in Maury County, says he doesn’t mind rules like notifying authorities two days ahead of transporting a crop.

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