November 10, 2014

Hemp Seeds: More Ways to Use This Protein Powerhouse Than You Ever Dreamed

One Green Planet
Hemp seeds aren’t anything new but for some reason, they never cease to amaze us at their abilities to transform a plant-based recipe. The magical little greenish brown seeds have been around for years and most you probably love them as much as we do. Though no matter how familiar with hemp seeds most of us may be, it never hurts to learn a few creative ways to enjoy them more often.

Hemp seeds are one of the most versatile ingredients you can use in a plant-based kitchen. They’re also packed with all essential and non-essential amino acids which make them wonderful for keeping you nourished and satisfied. Whether you’re trying to build lean muscle, boost your focus, add more omega 3′s to your diet, add more fiber to your diet, consume more dietary magnesium for your nervous system health, or eat foods that can enhance your skin, hemp seeds are one of the best food solutions to try. They’re also just the tastiest little seeds! Slightly sweet and nutty with a creamy finish, these little seeds will do wonders for you, your body, and your recipes.


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