November 6, 2014

Hemp Health launches CBD wellness supplements

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Hemp Health Inc., a pioneer in hemp cannabidiol (CBD) products, today launched their line of CBD wellness supplements. Available in oil, spray and capsule form, Hemp Health's products offer a compelling alternative to medical marijuana. The CBD supplements provide consumers with the therapeutic ingredient in hemp while allowing them to avoid the negative mental and physical effects of marijuana.

As the United States remains engaged in debate over the benefits, safety and legality of cannabis, physicians and researchers have been actively studying and testing the plant to understand its medicinal properties. Their work has overwhelmingly identified the cannabinoid CBD as the active medicinal compound in cannabis. This finding inspired business partners Katarina Maloney and Janell Thompson to explore ways to isolate CBD and sell it to consumers in concentrated form. They developed a proprietary CO2-based method for extracting pure CBD from industrial hemp without the use of dangerous chemicals or additives.

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