October 20, 2014

Wholly Hemp – A Small Business Growing and Giving With Bitcoin

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When the company that Robert Lestak worked for filed for bankruptcy in 2010, he and over 100 other employees were let go. Faced with unemployment but brimming with idealism, the then 18-year old was faced with a choice – either look for another job or take matters into his own hands. Deciding on the latter course of action, he began crafting handmade soaps. A self-described “soapmaker by trade but a tinkerer at heart” Robert also developed a website to sell his wares and thus Wholly Hemp was born. ...

Any time a business throws their hat into the ring and chooses to accept Bitcoin: it is cause to celebrate. Wholly Hemp is one of the first online merchants to embrace Bitcoin on the Bitcoin subreddit. The more merchants who accept Bitcoin as a payment method, to closer it moves to mainstream viability and, in this author’s opinion, the more stable – and sustainable – it will become.

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