October 19, 2014

Hemp harvest begins after months of growth

Murray State’s engagement as hemp-growers for the Kentucky Department of Agriculture is coming to an end following months of growing the crop and weeks of harvesting it for research purposes.

Wednesday, set to coincide with Murray State’s National Bioenergy Day presentation, the last of the University’s approximately one and a half acres of hemp will be harvested. 
The last of Murray State’s hemp will be harvested next week with a combination of manufacturing equipment, such as a special biomass header, but possibly by hand as well. 

Jason Robertson, farm director, said the hemp, which is ground up by the machinery, will be used to demonstrate and test hemp’s use as a biomass during National Bioenergy Day and some will be used experimentally as equine bedding. 

If the school decides to harvest any of the crops by hand they will be used in conjunction with the CannaVest Corporation for specialized purposes such as for oils, seeds and for use in certain products. 

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