February 23, 2015

6 New Naturals in the Material ConneXion Library

Interior Design
Material: Biomattone.
Composition: Hemp and lime.
Manufacturer: Equilibrium.

When it comes to alternative fabrics, the go-to plant has been hemp. But we’re almost always talking about fibers from the outer part of the stem. Here, the woody inside of the stems produces a product much more robust than cloth. First, shavings are mineralized by hydraulically applied lime, which protects the fibers from decomposition and makes them noncombustible. The result is formed into bricks, which are put through a steam-based sterilization process. Requiring much less energy than traditional cinder block to manufacture, the bricks are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. They offer excellent thermal and acoustical insulation as well as moisture resistance. Size, color, and porosity can all be customized. 

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