March 4, 2015

Axiom Foods Celebrates 10 Years, Brings The World Plant Proteins Which Now Equal Meat
Since 2005, Axiom Foods has been on the cutting edge of technology and bringing the world the most effective, healthful and safe plant protein ingredients fractioned from rice, pea, hemp, sacha inchi, and soon flax. On the dawn of their 10th anniversary, their plant protein ingredients are used in thousands of products, from protein powder formulas to skincare lines, ice creams and nutrition bars. The brands that feature Axiom's plant proteins are distributed throughout the world's largest mainstream retailers and the nation's independent health stores. One brand is even co-owned by one of the nation's most-adored celebrities. Setting the global pace and standards for not only the industry but national certifying bodies and agencies, Axiom's ingredients have been featured in a ground-breaking double blind clinical trial at a major American university, have earned the first GRAS approval, and their celebrated organic Oryzatein® brown rice protein ingredient is patent-pending. As their first decade came to a close, the highly exclusive New Economy awarded the company their coveted 'Clean Tech Award' for its contributions to global innovation and economic impact.

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