March 27, 2015

Hemp, Inc. to Sponsor New Earth Events in Continuing Its Commitment to Corporate Consciousness

Yahoo! Finance
In continuing its commitment to corporate consciousness, sales and marketing, environmentalism, philanthropy and personal empowerment, Hemp, Inc. (HEMP) announced today that it will sponsor 11 upcoming expos of New Earth Events, a producer of new life expos, holistic living expos, holistic holiday markets, and health and healing arts fairs. The first expo in which Hemp, Inc. will sponsor, is the Healing Arts Fair in Carlsbad, CA on Sunday, March 29, 2015. By assembling "Cultural Creatives" from all walks of life, the Healing Arts Fair's mission is to "enjoy, learn, co-create successful ventures, cooperate in facilitating commerce, and empower each other toward a higher consciousness in solving the planet's most important social, environmental and human rights issues."

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