March 18, 2015

Hemp, Inc. Asks for Your Support for Senate Bill 134 and House Bill 525

Yahoo! Finance
Hemp, Inc., (HEMP), Great Southern Hemp Company and The Twilight Brigade representatives are now politically invested in seeing that the Industrial Hemp Bills are finally passed into law. In fact, they are so invested they traveled to Washington, D.C. last week to meet with over 20 members of the House and Senate.

For over forty years, patriotic Americans have been undaunted in expanding their grass-roots movement to get the UNITED STATES Government to recognize the limitless benefits of AMERICAN-grown industrial hemp. OUR GOAL TO GAIN OUR GOVERNMENT'S ATTENTION, THROUGH LAWFUL PROTESTS AND ORGANIZED MARCHES, HAS NOT YET BEEN ACHIEVED. WE NEED YOUR VOICE...A LOUD VOICE! Now, in 2015, the Hemp, Inc. Group is leading this grassroots movement into a political arena that leads STRAIGHT to The White House!

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