April 11, 2015

Business Q&A: Hemp Way Foods, Kittredge

The Denver Post
Interview with Carla Boyd, owner
Q: How did you get involved in this business?
A: I started Hemp Way Foods in 2014 because of my own experiences with food intolerance, health issues and not having realistic food options. I started researching hemp and experimenting with making our first product, the hemp burger. Hemp is a superfood with amazing health benefits like being a natural anti-inflammatory and assisting your body with nutrition absorption, among others. I really believe hemp can change our world — it can be food, fuel and fiber. I started off in a small deli-style grow and wine shop in Conifer and quickly expanded to local Evergreen restaurants and Denver-area markets. I have been doing pop-up-style kitchens for many years and have always had a passion to provide healthy, delicious food. 

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